My head feels thick today - like I need more sleep or something. Kev let me sleep in a little this morning because Jesse was up a lot in the night with his teething. Poor little thing has eight teeth that are trying to break through all at once. I think he was a little chilly in the night, too. He's right by the air conditioning, and we need to blast it into order to reach our room. Soooo, I shall plan accordingly tonight and put him in his footies.

I think that as much as I like the opportunity to sleep in once in awhile, I really don't like the way the rest of my day goes because of that. By the time I enter the world, the boys are already fully embracing their day with all cylinders blazing, they are ready to PLAY and have Mommy's undivided attention, and all I can think about is stumbling over to the coffee pot and SITTING. The house is crazy, the beds are unmade, and the worst for me is that I then have to wait and get my shower when Jesse goes down for his morning nap. I really love my shower, and I really love it to happen pronto. It makes me feel ready for the day - focused, alert, and on top of the world! Well, not quite, but close enough....

But instead, this Monday morning, here I sit - scuzzy and unshowered, BUT with coffee in hand. Jesse is napping and Kaden is watching McGee and Me. Good times. Good times. Must. Get. Going. Laundry awaits. Bread must be made. Dust overtaketh this home. Boys must be snuggled. Books must get read. Walks must be taken.....

Buuuuuut, I can't move SO more coffee must be drunk first.

So, while I partake of this delish beverage and neglect my eldest, here's a little rundown of the weekend. We checked out a new beach on Saturday. One in the town of AVON in New Jersey. First, we ate at a really fun little place on a balcony overlooking the ocean. And then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the sand and water. Another time, this would not be my beach of choice with wee ones, but it was really fun to check out - and it would be awesome for bigger kids and adults. The waves were CUH-RAZY there, and the beach was a little more slopey than others, so the entire day, Jesse couldn't really get his footing. He just kept taking major diggers and face plants. It didn't really phaze him a ton, but he couldn't just run free like at other beaches he's been to. And the waves kind of took Kaden out a couple of times and scared him a bit, so we hung pretty close to shore. All in all, though, it was a glorious day. Kev and I got major fried, we ate some yummy ice cream, it was a great family day, and we always love exploring new places. So, it was fab.

On Sunday, there was no nursery worker for the Sunday school hour, so because I had the most kids, I felt that it was my duty to step up and be the volunteer. Joy. True confession: I don't like doing nursery. Tiny, stinky room. Whiny kids because it's everybody's naptime and no one feels like sharing. You know. So, we all went outside for a "nature walk" instead. I threw Jesse in the backpack, and we went over to Kaden's and my secret place by the woods and caught a whack of worms and bugs. It was joyous, and we found a kickin' huge yellow and black centipede to boot! Kaden was in Heaven, and the Sunday School hour went by pleasantly enjoyably for moi. To my delight, the little girls had a blast getting grubby, as well. Aaaand I'm sure their Mommies were thrilled with the looks of their little lacy dresses. Hmmmm. Maybe they'll volunteer next week! :0)

Okay. I have more news about our future, by this post is a mile long already, AND I am STILL scuzzy and unshowered and I really really want to have that accomplished before wee one awakens. Happy Monday all! And happy belated birthday, sweet Angie!


rachael a said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah yes. all so familiar. .the morning stuff that is . .NOT the bugs or the beach .yet.
jesse is walking i take it. :-) sam isn't yet. he COULD i think. .but confidence wise . . not yet.
im totally not ready to collect bugs. .ever. i hope sam can do that with daddy or alone. yikes!
sorry you were up lots in the night. does he let you rock and snuggle him or does he just have to cry for a bit each time he wakes?
DO tell us about your future! we are all dying to know! :-)
love you sugar.

Angie said...

aaah..thanks for the birthday shout out ame. You're sweet. I wanna chat with you soon, 'cause we will be heading your way this month and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you guys!!! Even if just for a moment! So, I'll call sometime soon. Hope you have a better sleep tonight and you wake up in time for your shower tomorrow. :) love you! xooooooooooxxxooxoxoxo

meaningfulalbums said...

Ok, you kinda left us hanging there on that last paragraph... give us another update : )

love ya!