Some Linkage

Well, it's naptime on this crazy day. The weather lied. It never did rain, so we could have had our previously planned day. All in all, the morning went well. We did lots of reading, we made some crafts, and we built a somewhat putzy fort. I ran out of steam however, midway through, so we did no painting. Instead, I ran damage control for my teething baby and for Kaden who got clocked in the head by a large toy from his brother. Good times. Good times.

Anyhoo, on with the post! I've been wanting to show some links to a few things that I've read lately that I think are worth passing along.

This is a great perspective song (and a great post by a friend, also) for those days when one feels like selling their wee tyrants to a zoo! Jesse has six teeth trying to poke through, and let me tell you, he has been just a bundle of joy these past couple of days. This song gives immediate perspective and humility at the privilege that is mine every day, it instantly shuts down any complaints on my tongue, and it makes me stop and be eternally thankful for the gifts of my children.

I found this to be one of the most balanced perspectives on getting baby to sleep through the night. I love this lady's blog. She is a mother of eight who has been at this for fifteen years. Me-thinks she hath a boatload of wisdom to bestow!

And lastly, for today, a just beautiful and oh so sweetly sentimental somewhat of a tear-jerking post that a Mommy writes about her little boy in his adjustment to his new baby that just got brought home from the hospital. This made me think of you, Shannon!


Shay said...

Firstly, thanks for the link - makes me feel loved! :)
Second, we came home from the camper a day early because of the forecast, and so far I'm not impressed! I did run around closing windows in the middle of the night but otherwise I'm pretty sure we could have stayed. Ah well, sounds like you had a nice day anyway. :)

Kenj said...

Thank you. I feel privileged that you would link to me :)


Shannie in Maine said...

Wow, Ame, just finished reading the "one thing" link, and am predictably in tears :) So perfect for Natalie and I right now. I am so excited to have this new and expanded family and yet looking at her the other day, my heart broke thinking how all has changed forever, that it will never be just the two of us again...did I do it right, did I use every moment with her to its fullest? She has been so so good and my love for her grows and I feel horrid in those moments that I find myself a little impatient with her normal two-year-old stuff. ok, this is a along comment, and this should probably be the topic of my next blog entry :) Anyways, I love you and I love this blogger. Oh to be able to write like that. What a neat verse.
So excited that you will get to see Charlotte soon. Love you. Praying for your decisions. Psalm 32:8