We have fully eased into our summer rhythm here. It's been hotter than blazes for the past few days, but the humidity has finally eased up. Each day looks much like the previous for us - lots of long walks, dips in the kiddie pool, bike rides around the parking lot, snuggles with Kaden while reading Little House on the Prairie books during Jesse's naps, ice creams and parks in the evenings, and sweaty, tired bodies easing into bed at night. Just the way we all love it.

We have this month and next to play and then decision time will be upon us. Kev finishes up with his school in August and will be the second person in the history of PBU to graduate with 3 degrees in 3 years! He is not one to brag, so I will do it for him. He's been such a trooper - always an awesome father and husband throughout it all - and we are so proud of him.

Our lease runs out August first, and then it's crunch time. For months, we have been praying and asking the Lord to clearly show us what His next step for us will be. A door looked like it was opening awhile back, and we started to walk through it, but neither of us felt like this was what our next step should be. Looking back at that decision now - a few weeks later - we have total peace that we made the right decision. We have some other options that we are looking at - ones that will change life as we know it now quite significantly - so we are earnestly seeking His wisdom and His will. For someone who hates change, I am surprisingly calm and at peace - and even excited at these new potential chapters of life for our family. I will update more as we know more! Kev and I have been on the same page throughout this entire journey, and we have seen the Lord so clearly lead us, so we have full faith that He will do the same again - in His time.

No matter the decision - I have two months to play before d-day. Two more months to just "be" with my boys - to play, to read, to eat popsicles, to go camping, to go to the beach, to wipe blood and kiss bruises - which happens A LOT with Jesse, to go on walks, to dig for worms and look for bugs, to "chase life!" (as Shannon writes), and to savor the summer with those I love most.

Life is good.


Pepperpot said...

Ohh so hard to make those big decisions. How do people who don't have God do it? I can't imagine. I know you'll have peace whatever happens, since God is leading the way for your family. :)

Katie said...

OH, I'm so glad you're reading the Little House books. Some of my best and favorite memories come from reading those books with Mum. :)


Love you guys!