A Day of Play...

I had big plans of doing lots of outdoorsy things with the boys today. There's a really nice library and playground a couple of miles away, and we were planning on taking a nice long walk to the library to look at books, play puzzles, and play with the cool toys they have in the kids' section and then meander over to the playground for a picnic and some play before heading back home for naps. Kaden was stoked, and I was getting all my ducks in a row so we could just fly out after Jesse's nap.

Alas, the weather is forecasting scattered thundershowers all day, so now we're gearing up for a day at home. No biggy - I just have to switch gears. So, now the day's plans consist of lots of reading in our p.j's, crafts - I'm going to lay a massive sheet of paper on the floor and just let them have at it with paint....so probably baths will also enter into the picture, forts, picnics on the floor, and naps for all of us when the time comes! :0)

Bring the rain! Tomorrow we shall work!

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Trish D said...

Think of us when you use the red paint :)

I had emailed you about my big sell-off; are you still using the gmail acct? Anyhoo, drop me a line at tah_dah (at) lycos.com and I'll send you perfectly magnificent directions!!