What in the World?

Remember how just a wee post ago I said that I was comfortable with boys? Well, I'm quite convinced that it's because I'm half boy myself. Seriously. I really wouldn't mind be slightly feminine once in a awhile, but honestly - when I try - I feel like a fake and like I just can't quite pull it off. Here are some examples of my lack of girlishness:

~ I wear only one dress, and I have owned it since my wedding day. It was my "going away" dress for my honeymoon. This is the dress that I wear to every occasion: weddings, funerals, and even my graduation. I tell you - that 80$ was well worth it!Kev doesn't care. Kaden thinks I am "soooo pretty!" because he's only seen me in a dress twice in his entire life, I think; and Jesse doesn't have a clue to save his soul.

~ I absolutely detest nylons with a purple passion. I have worn them only three times since my Bible school days. All three times to weddings. One being my own. What was I thinking?

~ My wardrobe consists of mostly black, khaki, and grey. I really only wear keen's and flipflops. And I don't own a single pair of high heels. I never have.

~ I own two articles of pink clothing.....and I actually like them, but feel somewhat numb nutty in them. At least they are capri's and a tank top - not overly feminine.

~ And if Kev were to take another church position someday, I told him - in my not so spiritual moments - that if there is some sort of dresscode expectation for the wife and I have to wear a dress each week - then it surely is not the Lord's will for us to be taking on THAT position!

~ My house decor consists of mostly sticks, twigs, rocks, earthy, old, and outdoorsy things. There is not a single frill, ruffle, or peice of lace to be seen!

~ The only jewelry I wear are my wedding bands, a fish ring that we got on our honeymoon, a twenty-five cent bracelet that I got on a yardsale, the occasional cheap-o toe ring, and on Sundays a rockin' brown, leather, stoney necklace...that is by far the nicest thing I own besides my wedding bands. (A gift from sweet Shannon, or I would never have owned such beauty!)

~ But HERE'S the kicker - hence the name of my title. I got my eyebrows waxed and shaped for the first time a couple of months ago. Like my two brothers, I have been blessed with a uni-brow, and I finally decided to do something more serious about it. Well, when the lady waxed them, she also trimmed them with little scissors, which made them look quite nice. So, last night, I thought I could probably save a couple of bucks and trim them myself. Well, I don't have a blessed clue how I managed this one, but somehow, my eyelashes on my left eye got in the way, and I trimmed my eyelashes right along with my eyebrow! I have like half the length of eyelashes that I do on my opposite eye! Let me tell you - I am stunning to look at now!

Now if that isn't the epitomy of feminity, I don't know what is?! Holy dyin'......


Anonymous said...

I love the way you decorate! And I totally agree with you about the nylons and dresses! I was getting into your post and even thinking that having your (my) eyebrows waxed sounds like a good idea--and then the punchline. I laughed out loud! I could imagine ME doing the very same thing! I better NOT trim my eyebrows. Thanks for the fun!


Anonymous said...

You really should have added a picture with this post. :) Too funny.

Jessica (Maine) said...

I love you! I just starting w/the waxing (by a professional!) as well and it is amazing the difference. As for the eye lashes I have to tell you about my mom.... she actually pulled hers out on one eye! I actually think this may have happened twice....so beware the lash curler! I have decided that I like my lashes just they way they are :o) Miss you much! Keep posting always makes me smile.

Sarah said...

Oh wow, that's hilarious! Scissors around eyes can never been good unless in the hands of professionals.

Sarah said...

Oh wow, that's hilarious! Scissors around eyes can never been good unless in the hands of professionals.

meaningfulalbums said...

I recommend tweezers. It's better to use tweezers than scissors - less likely to cut off large portions of eyelashes!

Shannie in Maine said...

oh my word, that post had me dyin' ame! I think you are quite feminine in your own way :)
I had my facial hair done for the first time the last time Tonda cut my hair, and I have to say, could get addicted to it if it weren't so pricey and I wasn't such a cheapskate. I've never noticed you having a uni-brow. I am the ape among us!

Shay said...

Just say no to nylons! (Or pantyhose, which is what we call them!) I wear a dress to church probably twice a year, and you've seen my house so you know there's not much 'girly'-ness here either.
I'm really dying laughing imagining your trim job - we need to get together so I can see! :P