Little Loves.

Ahh.  So good.
And so the "joy journey" continues....

3031.  Strawberry dates with the big boys.
3032.  Seeing four turtles in one day - a "summer list" check mark.
3033.  Jam days in the kitchen.
3034.  Family tenting trips.
3035.  Celebrating dads.
3036.  Celebrating our heritage - my home church celebrates 100 years this week!
3037.  Playing in the rain.
3038.  Baby chickies in with the big girls.
3039.  Weeding the garden with ALL of my loves.
3040.  The big boys picking the potato bugs.  Yuck.
3041.  Sounds of the chainsaw chopping our wood.
3042.  Morning breeze across my pillow.
3043.  Dew on the grass and little boy bare feet running through it.
3044.  Evening runs.
3045.  Coffee and conversation.
3046.  A day alone with just my loves.
3047.  Three boys...just being little boys.
3048.  Lazy family days.
3049.  Freezing dips in the lake on hot days.
3050.  Waking up to sunshine.
3051.  Summer schedules.
3052.  Vacation anticipation.
3053.  Daisies and Black eyed Susans.  My favorite summertime flower.
3054.  Kissing them while their sleeping.
3055.  Their own individual smells.
3066.  A new pet - a baby mouse found in our sink.  Yeesh.
3067.  My boys stealing sips from my coffee.
3068.  Them crawling into bed with us in the morning.
3069.  ...And Smudge, too.
3070.  Happy Home.

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Angelica said...

yummy..every single one!