First Day of Summer

Hot summer day...
Three of the most beautiful words in the English language, methinks.
The girls don't necessarily agree to the fullest extent that I do.

 Tis the season for...
:: Dirty, grass-stained barefeet.
:: For early morning games of Cribbage.
:: For that second cup of coffee.
:: For long bike rides.
:: For teaching the boys about the nectar in purple clover.
:: For watching our garden grow.
:: And for weeding.
:: For slip 'n slides.
:: For sunkissed skin.
:: And for slowing....

"It's the joy of the small that makes life large." ~ Ann Voskamp.

Sometimes it's easier to see in the summer...

I confess - Kev has now beaten me five times in a row. 

 And it most definitely is the season for smoothies at lunch.

Our favorite:
~Tons of ice.
~ 3 bananas
~ Scoop of peanut butter
~ Scoop of protein - chocolate is our fave.
~ Some yogurt or Silken Tofu
~ Your fave flave of milk - regular, almond, silk, or whatever.

Blend, blend, blend.
And then savor the flavor, Baby.
A morning gift from my sweet Kaden.
Yes.  Tis the season for many summer loves.
Happy FIRST day!
And may we have many more...

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Abundant Blessings Baking said...

To my dearest,

I'm so happy you are enjoying this weather. Your words make me want to enjoy it, but alas I can not. I much prefer a crisp fall day to one of these "3 H" days" (hazy, hot and humid). So I'm hiding inside my a/c powered home (I dislike a/c as well, but not as much as I dislike heat so it wins on these types of days) praying my fondant cake decorations dry and wishing we were closer so we could "chill" together. I guess our schedules both got a bit busy to fit camp in this June, but hopefully we can get it in at some point this summer or at least a get together. Lovin your summer inspiring words...trying to find those things to be thankful for...even if I wish it were October. Love ya!

P.S. Hope you don't mind that I used your very favorite quote from Anne on my blog. But it seemed to fit so nicely. :) Hugs!