Christmas in July.

Why-ever not?!

Upon cleaning out my wretchedly mouse infested cupboards the other day, I came across a wondrous stash of unused Christmas-y food-y decorations, and a Gingerbread decorating kit to boot - and I said to myself:  "Self.  I think we should have ourselves a Christmas in July party."
Ransom's works of art!

And so that's what we did today.

Jesse's creations.

We found ourselves company-less and stuck inside because of the rain, and this was a perfect rainy morning in July activity.  Every year, I buy a Gingerbread decorating kit, and nine times out of ten the Christmas season flies by without us ever getting around to using it, so it either gets sold on a yardsale, or heaved in the trash during one of my crazy culling days.

And Kaden's artwork.

This, though.
I think I'm onto something.
A tradition has been made in the Booker household...complete with Christmas music.

Twas fun.
Next year, there's going to be a big old party.
Want to come?

P.S.  I just looked at the calendar.  I guess it's August now.  My bad.

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Kristi said...

ohhh -- how fun!! i know people who literally DO a whole Christmas in July family thing (instead of December) - and i think that would be soooo much fun! i'm glad you did that today -- even if it IS August! what fun!!