Our weekend in pictures...

::  As always...there was fishing.
    ....and more fishing.
       ......and even more fishing.

 ::  There were fires...
      .....with coffee and Cribbage...and char-broiled lunches.
      ....and fire crackers thrown at the Mama when she went to relieve herself in the bushes.

      There were very naughty boys.  Especially the Largest One.

 ::  There were boatrides and adventures.
      .....and cozy little forts made from some other boys for my own to enjoy.

 ::  There was a bit of inside quiet.
      ....and per their usual, some inside messes of epic porportion, as well.

 ::  There was watering, and weeding
      ....and squirting and spraying.

 ::  There was picking...and more picking...and griping...and picking.

 ::  There was creating by the Jester.
      ....We call this "Robot Jack."
      He's cool.
 ::  There are plans for a spontaneous get away.
      ..... So there was much counting of the waittressing change.

      We were saving it to go to Cancun...but, at this rate, I'll be an old lady by the time we get there.  So instead....when the boys go and see Grammy for a couple of days, we're gonna kick it - just my man and me.  I'm happy anywhere, as long as it's with him.

 ::  There was eating of Amazing Deliciousness.
      ....This is charred romaine salad.  Oh creation of joy and bliss!
      Grilled hearts of romaine brushed with olive oil, honey balsamic vinegarrette, goat cheese, cranberries, toasted walnuts, and a wee bit of turkey bacon.

Heaven on a plate.
 ::  There were boy cookies made.
      .... See above comment about inside messes of epic porportions.
::  And there was worship.
    ... Sweet, vulnerable, hearts-full-of-love for Jesus and each other worship.

It was a great weekend.
Happy Monday, Friends!

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