The Last Few Days...

The facebook status updates remind me...and the buses driving by show proof.
These long lazy days that we've enjoyed these past few months are quickly drawing to a close, and with the flip of the calendar in just a few days, Fall will be upon us.

And just like that, another summer draws to a close.
Some Mamas are rejoicing.  Some are weepy. 
And some have yet to experience this "school stage" of life for their wee ones.

I'm not sure where I am, just yet.

 ("The pier" in Rockland.  One of my most favorite places to poke around with the boys).
I'm kind of happy that my garden is winding down.
I'm kind of loving the crisp, cool mornings and evenings.
I'm kind of ready for more structure and organized rhythm to our days.

But, I really kind of hate change...

And this year marks a new chapter for many of my friends, so that means life will look differently than it does right now.
But different isn't bad.  It's just...different.
So, we shall milk these last few days of "vacay" to the very best that we know how.
We'll live outside on the sunny days.
We'll make milkshakes and smoothies for our lunches.
We'll have a final few playdates.
And we'll drink blueberry soda...because that's what we do in the summer.
We'll swing and we'll read outside...and we'll go to camp for "one last time."

Because "happiness isn't a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling."
(~Margaret Lee Runbeck~)

And since I can't do a thing about stopping time or pausing life or putting my kids' ages on hold for just a little bit longer...I might as well enjoy the journey, see the beauty, and find the joy.

After all, it is "the joy of the small that makes life large." ~ Ann Voskamp

May you find joy this weekend, friends!
May we all slow and see the sacred in the chaos.
And may we all find joy in the journey...


Anonymous said...

Joy in the that is a worthy perspective. No aiming to the "end" of this and that to feel the accomplishment of another thing checked off the list, but rather, as you wisely quoted, "happiness isn't a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling." That statement makes me long for a convertible with the top down, my hair blowing in the breeze, no map or specific destination, and my favorite Christian music filling my soul. :-) Love you!

Kristi said...

though I LOVE LOVE Fall...i hate to see summer slip away, too. not a huge fan of change, myself. when i read your blog, every single time...i wish i had a garden. and could share a coffee with you. i love ya.