Birthday Blessings...

I'm going to be thirty-five on Monday.
But, you know what?  I'm totally cool with that. 
Age is just a number, and you're only as old as you feel, right?
Can I get a witness?  cough.cough.  *crickets chirping*

Okay.   Bad example.  There are days when I feel like I'm 100.....
Let's just take "feelings" out of the equation.

What I'm trying to say is that there is going to be no mid-life crisis this year...
I'm happy.  I'm healthy.
I still tuck my babies into bed each night.  They still all live under my roof.  Kev and I are still the center of their Universe.  We are surrounded by family and friends - who are also happy and healthy...

And right this is good.
It's simple.
It's sweet.
And it's safe.

Today, a couple of new baby kittens solve the deepest wounds of my family's little world.
Today, we have our health.
Today, we are able to hold each other and our family's close.
Today, our marriage is healthy - and our friendship is strong.
Today, we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies.
Today, we are free, we are safe, and life is good...

I am fully aware that others do not share these same luxuries.
And there are no guarantees of what tomorrow may hold.
For any of us...

So, in this my thirty-fifth year of life, what more could I ask for?
What birthday gifts are needed?
I am filled to overflowing with these gifts....these graces already...that were never mine in the first place!

Being happy in all of the little things that God gives...
Well, that is me being able to gift back to Him - in the only way really possible...

"Gratitude bestows reverance, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world." ~ Sarah Breathnach

4072.  Grammies and Grampies who beg for their grandbabies to come and stay for a few days.
4073.  For crazy happy little boys who can't wait to go!
4074.  For still feeling like a kid at Christmas when I get time alone with my man.
4075.  Two sweet babies at the Animal new members of our family.
4076.  For never being able to replace Smudge...but to be able to help heal the hurt.
4077.  For a day completely my own utter silence.
4078.  For friends who almost convince me to go and play!  (Esther-la-vista....)
4079.  For sleeping in until 8:00...and then staying in bed throughout 2 cups of coffee.
4080.  For four-mile runs....although not pretty to watch, I am sure....I am thankful for my health.
4081.  Long lingering showers...
4082.  For sneaking away with my Love...
4083.  Conversations at work.
4084.  Honest friendships forming.
4085.  For Bridge building...with seekers and Jesus lovers alike...
4086.  For summer and sunshine.
4087.  For the gift of Motherhood...I'm crazy when they're with me...and I miss them like crazy when they're gone....
4088.  For my Jesus...who loves me anyway.
4089.  And for my Husband...who does the same.
4090.  Thirty-five years of LIFE.
4091.  Thirteen of them with my best friend.
4092.  Eight of them as a mother.
4093.  All of them healthy. 
4094.  And all of them wealthy, indeed.
4095.  Life journeyed with Jesus, deep friendships, and a wonderful family.

Beyond measure.

Unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond all that we could ever have asked for or imagined.....


Angelica said...

Happy Birthday you beautiful and vivacious girl!!!
Your husband and children rise up and call you blessed indeed~~
Today I celebrate you !! Cheers friend! xo

Kristi said...

oooohh -- man, do i love ya. i love reading your blog and hearing your sweet heart and all of your gratitudes...its a reminder to me of how blessed I am, as well. i should really do your gratitude journaling thing.

almost your birthday -- woohoo!! 35 ain't so bad. i've surived the first couple months into it! :)