Keeping it Reals...

Going from a week of having neither children nor pets and adjusting back into a life with three busy boys and two new little kitties...well, it's a bit of a shock to the system, to say the least.  And not necessarily in a bad way really....  Just more of a "Whoa!  Oh yeah...  This is reality...last week was NOT real life kind-of-a-way".

You know.  It is what it is.
When Kev left for work this morning, our conversation went a little like this:

Him:  How you doin'?
Me:  Just kind of easing in.
Him:  I'm not sure there's any way to just ease back in around here.
Me:  Duly noted.

Insert picture of a "birthday gift" from Dad.  A skull of something found on one of their adventures. 
I shall treasure it forever...
Here's a little bit of the breakdown from the time we did the "Hoolie Exchange" yesterday until about now.  Let's see..the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all went a little something like this:

The Good:  Ransom pooped on the potty for Grammy three times this week!  Nice...considering I haven't even begun the potty training process yet.
The Bad:  He came back to me with some funky Hand Foot and Mouth crud that's been going around.
The Ugly:  Not sure where he even got it or how many kids he's exposed in the meantime.

The Good:  I got pickles started in the kitchen sink before we went to pick the boys up.  Very proud of myself for getting them started so early in the day.
The Bad:  When they got home, Ransom was playing in the sink....(I forgot about the pickles, or I never would have let him up there)...and at one point I looked over, and my precious cukes and onions were covered in soap bubbles.  Fantastic.
The Ugly:  I made the pickles anyway.  After a long, long rinse off in the sink followed by a re-distributing of the pickling salt, I went for it anyway.  Don't worry.  They're labeled and will not be given out as gifts.  I promise.

True story.  Here they are.
The Good:  Mom and the boys picked me some sweet brown eyed susans for our table's centerpiece.
The Bad:  Jesse was "crafting" at the table this morning and his project flew across the table spilling the entire vase of water.
The Ugly:  My kitchen had a small ocean in the middle of it first thing this morning.

The Good:  We have brand new little baby kitties, and the boys are head over heels excited.
The Bad:  One has a bit of a "tude" and keeps hissing and growling at everyone.
The Ugly:  I actually called the shelter back to see if I can trade out.  The owner said I could, but I'm suffering from Adoption Guilt.  I'm going to give her a few more days to mend the error of her ways...

The Good:  Our girl kitty came with the name "Lucy," which I think is adorable.
The Bad:  Jesse wants to change her name to "Charles."
The Ugly:  The fact that Jesse wants to name his girly cat "Charles."

The Good:  Mom made me raspberry cobbler and dad made me fudge for my birthday.
The Bad:  Well, you know.  I don't have a whole lot of self control when it comes to my Dad's fudge.  And I already told the boys we could have cobbler for lunch. 
The Ugly:  I'm on my fourth piece of fudge and it's only noon...

There's more...but suffice it to say ~ The boys are indeed back in town!!
And it's good.  This  - the right here and right now - is life as I know it.
The crazy with the good.
The pockets of peace with the wildness.
The sanity with the utterly insane.

Motherhood is a crazy thing...

When they are with me day in and day out, I feel like I might indeed go crazy, and then when they are away from me for a couple of days, I miss them like crazy, too!

They have ruined me forever, these boys of mine...


Angelica said...

I'm all for being ruined forever by my offspring too!!....

Hope your sassy cat nips her hissing ways soon enough~~ ox

Rachael said...

Hey....I think that's yhr skull of our missing guinea pig!!
The Kitty cats are adorable! Had to show the girls their pictures ...and they agree! Hope your attitudal female tones her womanly wiles down....sheesh...GIRLS!! :-)