Weekend Wanderings...

A pause in time for all of us to.....just be.
And so, as it all winds down...and as a new week is upon us, I am thankful for:

~ Friends who love me.
~ A husband who is raw and real...and a man who loves us well.
~ Snow that came....and that just as quickly left.
~ Little boy wellie boots...and mud on my floor.
~ Frogs' eggs taking up residence in the big boys' bedroom.
~ Eggs from my girls...with a double yolker thrown in for good measure.
~ Peepers out my window at night....nature's lullaby.
~ Homemade bread...and sticky fingered Littles.
~ 50+ gallons of sap boiling down, down, down....
~ Maple syrup treasures...with some left over to store on my shelves.
~ Chickies roaming free.
~ Lunch dates with girlfriends.
~ Catching up from not seeing each other for far too long.
~ London's kicking and moving.
~ The anticipation and the countdown...
~ Saturday morning big breakfasts.
~ P.j. days at home.
~ Family movies...
~ and family afternoon naptimes.
~ Me beside him, and him beside me.
~ Cribbage crushfests...and 200+ games played.
~ Homemade chai...and little boy sip stealers.
~ The pitter patter of little feet.
~ And bed-headed boys who crawl under the covers.
~ Their love for the outside.
~ And the pond next door.
~ Snow explorations.
~ And green grass once again.
~ Songs that bring tears.
~ Conversations that heal.
~ Liquid gold that keeps boiling.
~ These crazy fast years.
~ Cereal for supper.
~ New mercies each morning.
~ And the promise of Spring.
 ~ Transfer station (Aka "the dump") finds!
~ Loved ones who "walk alongside."
~ Library books by cozy fires.
~ Little boy imaginations.

~ Week-end sleepovers in homemade forts.
~ School winding down...
~ Slow days...and days of madness.
~ A fridge full of groceries.
~ A Father who cares about the details...

"He inhabits the praise of His people...."
Lord, for these small things....and for their "great"ness as well....I thank you.

My Joy Journey...
"Ten thousand reasons for my heart to sing...."

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