The Day My House was Perfect.

The day my house was perfect
Was the day I hurried so.
I pushed, and rushed, and never touched ~
My favorite word was: "No."

The day my house was perfect
Was the day their hearts were hurt.
I was simply far more worried ~
About laundry, floors, and dirt.

Well, haste makes waste,
And rushing wounds ~
And little hearts bleed raw.
Oh, how I wish this Mother's heart had felt what Jesus saw.

For the day my house was perfect
This Mama was a mess.
My focus was the here and now ~
This fleeting nothing-ness.

But children love like Jesus ~
Forgiving swift and pure.
And today, my house was messy ~
No perfection here, for sure.

Those tender hearts - these fleeting years ~
Will one day pass away.
And I will see my perfect house ~
And long for yesterday.

The days gone by of childish dreams
Of "Mommy, come with me!"
So, today, I choose to fully see ~
To slow...and simply "BE."

Written a couple of years ago...
But, the reminder was needed today.

To my Loves~
Mama is sorry for the rushing days - the striving for perfection days.
These nesting before baby days....

It doesn't matter.
Thank you for helping me to slow and see....

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I had one of those days yesterday. Loved those words when u first wrote them and love them now too!
Sarah Y