Easter Recap.

This year, Easter was pretty low key.

Mama's feeling huge, Daddy's a little under the weather, and I do declare that all three boys are getting colds.  But, I do so love me some tradition, and I do so REALLY love me my Holidays, so we made it as special as we could.

And I think that's the basic secret about tradition, really.  It doesn't have to be anything elaborate or amazing.  In fact, sometimes it's the simplest of traditions that are able to make them just that - a tradition....something that you're able to repeat year after year after year because it is simple...and it doesn't take a boatload of effort when you're 35 weeks pregnant...or when Easter just seems to somehow sneak up on you.

Things like hiding a bajillion jelly beans all over the house the night before...

Half of the fun is finding them weeks later in the craziest of spots...and harder than a rock, might I add.
But, I remember doing that same thing with my brothers when I was little.  Man - Mom let us ransack the house looking for those itty bitty eggs.

Or, things like - just adding a bit of a festive touch to breakfast in the form of festive plates (pink, though they were)... or in shaping our pancakes into the shape of bunnies.
Thank you, Pinterest.  Although...my creations NEVER looked like those I pin.
Ah well...it is what it is...
And for me, anyway...cooking a huge ham or a big bird on a Sunday...and in time for a noon meal...and all the while trying to have fun with your kidlets and watch them hunt for eggs...is just a giant recipe for stress.  At least in my book, anyway.

So, for us - although, I'm sure it probably wouldn't fly with many - a lunch of fun finger foods that I can mostly prep the day before makes for one chill Mama, and thus - for a happier home, as well.

And you know what they always say:  "If Mama ain't happy...."

Another idea - courtesy of Pinterest.
Just a basic bread recipe shaped into a bunny before cooking it.
Although again, it didn't turn out like the picture.  In fact, Jesse thought it was a "puppy dog."
So, we had ourselves a wee meal of fingerfoods including:  bread, veggies, dip, hummus, fruit, crackers, cheese, chips, salsa, egg salad, and chicken salad with apple chunks.  My boys love themselves a "smorgasboard," and I love me a meal where I don't have to slave over the oven.
Ransom picked a purple flower Easter bucket.  Choosing what mountains to die on over here...
And some day...

Someday, my ultimate "big picture" goal is to make our Easter a bigger celebration than Christmas.  After all, this IS the most epic of the holidays that we celebrate.  Yes, Jesus needed to be born in order to become the Savior of the world.  He needed to move into the neighborhood and become one of us.....

But, Easter!  Easter is when Jesus conquered sin.  And pain.  And death.
Easter is when HE wins!  And it's the day that Satan knows he is forever defeated.
Easter is Epic.
We are so far from that right now, however.  So very far from it.
This year, we never even finished our Lent devotional and we never even cracked open our Resurrection Eggs.  Heck ~ our Jesus didn't even leave the tomb in our Resurrection Rolls!
Ha....ahhhh.  Fail.  Epic fail.
But, they surely do taste delish.

It's good to have goals, right?
And it's good to dream big.
And it's good to give big baths of grace to yourself, as well, at times.
And it's good to make rice krispy nests to share with your neighbors.
...And with your babe in womb.
And it's good to be with those you love.
It's good to celebrate Love.  And Life.  And Victory.
It's good to know the end of the Story...

Happy Day After Easter, Loved Ones...

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Anonymous said...

I have today off and I am watching videos of people who dared to live their dreams and succeeded. It made me ask the question, "God, what dreams do you dream for me?" This world is not my home and there is NOTHING here that makes me want to stay more than going HOME to be with Jesus. Yet, while here...just maybe...God has dreams to share with me and accomplish through me.
Thanks for letting me peek into the dreams God has shared with you and is accomplishing through you Ms. Amy. You have such an open heart and hands when it comes to the eternal. I love you! --Brenda