Restoring Order

Well, it's been exactly one week since my last post. Life around here has been somewhat crazy as we're trying to tie up all of our loose ends down here before heading HOME TO MAINE!! It's crazy - we can still hardly believe that our journey here is almost over and that's it's time to begin another chapter in our lives. We will be moving home with Jesse being exactly the same age that Kaden was when we first moved out here! These past three years have totally flown by for us, but when I look at my children, I can how long it has actually been. Kaden wasn't even walking when we first moved...and now he's FOUR!

So, these past few days have been spent getting one last doctor's visit in for the kids, trying to prep for a yardsale, organizing, organizing, organizing...and of course a family trip to Cabella's! We've got to get in all of these "one last times!"

Anyway.....on to the title of this post.

These past couple of months - since Jesse has started walking - have started to feel a wee bit out of control for me. Before we went to Maine for our last visit, I was formulating some plans on how to become a little more structured with the kids, but was hesitant to put anything into practice until we settled back into our rhythm here. These past few weeks since we've been back, we put our plan into action, and I am very encouraged with the results.

I have been slightly overwhelmed by Jesse's busyness as of late. Neither Kev or I feel that he is bad.....he is just BUSY! (Oh so very busy, be still my heart). From the moment his eyes open, he is "on." And I have to help him turn "off;" otherwise I think he would just be like the perpetual Energizer Bunny who keeps going and going and going.......All......Day......Long!

I will never expect Jesse to be like Kaden. There could never be too more different (more different?) little boys who share the same genes! I absolutely love this little boy's strength and curiosity and intense desire to conquer life! I never ever want to crush his little spirit with unrealistic expectations, and I don't want to change him. He totally delights us and adds quite the zest to our family! However, this wee one also has a very very strong will which does need a little more help to be reigned in and "shaped," shall we say.

Jesse has a very hard time sitting still and focusing on anything for any matter of time. He also has the tendency to be quite clingy and demanding at times. So, one thing we have started implementing every day is "playpen time." Jesse wakes up about an hour earlier than all the rest of us. So, when he wakes up, I'll nurse him and then put him in his pack and play with a bunch of toys and a little snack, and then I'll get my shower and get my head on straight for the day while my other boys sleep. It took about a week, but he now plays happily - by himself, this is key - for at least a half hour and often much longer! This has brought great peace and harmony to our little family, and it has really helped in teaching Jesse to entertain himself for a period of time, and to also be content in a contained area for a period of time.

There are other little things that we've been doing, as well, but this has been, by far, the greatest encouragement to me and quite a victory, as well. Jesse DOES NOT like to be confined, in any way, and he does not like to be alone. And to see him play happily and stay focused on a few toys for a significant amount of time is very very nice!


meaningfulalbums said...

Yay! Shan and I were just commenting on how long it had been since you blogged. We were starting to wonder if you were alive down there. Anyway, I am sure things are busy in preparing for returning home (again - yay!) but I'm glad you had time to update us. Sounds like things are going well with Jesse, and that is good. Hopefully you can work it so that he has a few of those times when he can entertain himself throughout the day, right? ; )

Life With My Boys..... said...

Yes! That's the next step in our plan! :0)

Jen said...

Hey Amy- I don't have your phone number here with me. If you could call my phone it will get forwarded to Sam's cell and then I can call you back. We won't be home till the end of August or so. When do you all move? I hope we will have some over lap. I want to say good bye...
love jen