I got a reminder today (from a friend whose boys are now grown and out of the family nest) about just how quickly time does fly in these child-raising years. I've heard the quote often stated: "The days are long but the years are fleeting!" How true is that?! Some days I feel like bedtime just can't come quickly enough, but then I look at both of my boys and wonder how on earth did Kaden get to be so long that he almost hangs off the bed, and where in the world did my newborn go? I have a toddler who is RUNNING now! WHAT?

So, in honor of sweet Brenda who reminded me of the "fleeting-ness" of childhood, these are just a few snippets of things that I want to savor and drink in from my wee ones while they are still kind of wee.....

~ Nursing my baby
~ Smooching all of Jesse's neck rolls
~ Reading story after story after story to Kaden
~ Hearing Kaden beg me to scratch his back
~ Having Kaden come and get in bed with us in the morning
~ Jesse toddling up to me and draping his body around my legs
~ "Kisses and squeezes" and I love you signs from Kaden at every nap and bedtime
~ Family days where the boys still want to be with us
~ Being our boy's most favorite people on the planet......for now!
~ Hearing the boys play and giggle together in another room
~ Embracing the chaos of life in a bitty apartment with two rowdies
~ Going for long walks and talking about everthing and nothing
~ P.J. Days
~ Dive bomb hugs and lovies while I'm on my hands and knees cleaning
~ Hearing Kaden tell me OFTEN that we need another baby!
~ Jesse giving me his version of a kiss: A head butt to my face!

Things that make me go Aaaaaahhhhh!


rachael a said...

awwww. . i love this list. how sweet. it will help me make my own list without having to think about it too hard! haha. . you know me. . drawing blanks. i can't wait for sam to want to just snuggle sometimes in the morning or at night. right now still its mostly ON or OFF!. .but every once in a while he's starting to just sit quietly and cozy in for a moment or two. i love these times. i believe every word about the long days and the short years. . as sam's first b day is this monday! unREAL! unreal. where did my little baby go?

thats so great that Kaden is already wanting another baby! what if its a girl? haha. . i can just see him . mommy . . lets have our own soccer team!

Katie said...

Oh, Amy, I do miss you. Sorry to say, but I'm kind of trying to sway God to leave you where you are so we can be neighbors next fall! (Just kidding-- but that would be so fantastic!)

In answer to your post on my journal-- I shall see if I've written anything recently . . . love and miss you guys!

Angie said...

hey you! please check your e-mail or listen to your messages at home. I sent you an e-mail re:next week and left a message and am wondering if you got them. e-mail me or facebook me to let me know. thanks! love you! xo