Today is "National Go Search for Your Sanity Day."
At least in my house.
This picture has NOTHING to do with this post.  I just love brand new crayons.
This past week with it raining every single day but one, combined with a baby who chose two nights in a row to wake up every two hours for some reason, coupled with my two youngest boys going through a nit-picking-each-other-at-every-turn stage....on top of trying to keep the house "show ready" for anytime anyone feels the urge to come and have a look-see....all of that combined with me turning on a burner for tea, but instead frying my roasting pan because I turned the wrong one on....with putting a dozen eggs on top of our van to gift to Grammy and having them fly off the roof halfway down the road.... found Kev asking me one morning (like he always does before heading to work):  "How are you doing this morning, Honey?"  And me responding:  "Methinks I'm going to be needing a wee break in the near future.  I can feel it in my bones...I'm starting to twitch."

My Girls.  They soothe me.  And make me laugh.
 This happens every so I'm sure it does for every Mama.
Please say it does....happen to every Mama....
Can I get a witness??  Crickets chirping?!.... does for me.
And when it does, I find that an evening out with another woman - either just grabbing a bite to eat or watching a movie...or talking intelligently and uninterrupted for a few hours does the soul good and allows me to return home feeling human and sane.
My eggs.  In which I broke every. single. one.  Sorry, Ladies.  Mama is tired.
And typically, when I voice this need, Kev replies with a:  "You say the word, Honey...and I'll make it happen."  He rocks like that.  Well, this time he must have heard something a little different in my voice because he shot me off a text from work saying:  "How about this?  We'll drop the boys off at Grampy and Grammy's tomorrow at 4:00 so that we can go on a date....and they can spend the night....and then I will pick them up on my way home from work the next day."

Hoooo-ly Hannah.
That man is hot.
And his Mama rocks.
A whole entire day to myself...(well, just me and my wee bitty...)
My peas.  Just about the only thing I got in early this year.
So, we had ourselves the loveliest of dates last night...and then he brought me coffee in bed this morning.  London gave me four hour stints between nursing last night so I actually feel human today...and now it's just the two of us with an entire day (well, until 4:00 or 5:00, anyway) stretching out before us to do whatever I please!!!  My goodness.  I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.

But, I do believe a nap is in order.
And probably more purging to get ready for a yard sale and a house sale.
Maybe some exercising without one...or three Hoolies hanging off of me while I do it.
Some reading?  Scrapping?  Blogging?  (check).  Gardening?
Staring into space listening to the deafening silence?
My beans.  Just barely peeking through the ground.  I love this...

Heavens.  The world is my oyster.
Whatever that means.

When I told my Mom what Kevy and his Mom had gifted me with, she said this reminds her of what my Dad's Father used to do for his Mom.  Grampy would come home from work and all three of the boys would be sitting out on the steps.  He'd ask them what was going on, and they would say they had gotten too rowdy so "Mama had kicked them outside."  Ha!  She had a brand new baby girl after having three boys, too.  And I guess every so often, he would gift her a day without the Hoolies running wild as well.

Maybe it runs in our family...this National Day of Sanity Finding.
Oh hello, bitty potatoes...

Either doesn't take a whole lot for it to return.  Just a few hours to sit and stare.  Only a few moments woven together of blessed silence.  And just a wee bit of time for there to be no messes of Epic porportions.  I will be ready for them to come home to me.  In all of their wild and crazy glory.
Mama makes cream.  Picture proof.
My baby.
She beckons I must be off.
And I may or may not leave the bedroom once I go up there.
It's 10:00 in the morning, after all.  Sounds like naptime...

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KateO said...

I will be your witness. I'm needing a week to find my sanity though. I'm beyond tired and truly at my wits end today.
ANd boy do I feel your pain on keeping the house 'show ready'. DId that last year, but fortunately only had to do it for a week before we were under contract. Praying you don't have to endure it much longer.
anyway. I hear you. And that precious baby! awe. too sweet.