A Song for His Babies...

I can't remember what my life was like
Without you here....
It must have been kind of quiet...
Daddy & Kaden - 9 years ago.

People said -
You're life will change.
And they were right -
And now I have three little boys by my side  (and a little girl!).

Let's go explore this universe together.
Do you see that sunset God made for you?
Roll over the rocks and find those worms.
Don't eat them...'cause God made those too.
Daddy, Kaden...and super mad Baby Jesse.

We're on an adventure -
We'll climb trees together.
This is my first time -
to have three little boys by my side (and a little girl!).

It's that smile that can turn my day around -
Remind me what life is all about.
Little hug around my neck -
Makes me do an attitude check.
Daddy and Ransom - 1st few days home.
And even though my Daddy died
There's no reason to fear - Jesus is on my side.

And He's teaching me -
How to be
The best Daddy.....that I can be

I'm learning from the best Daddy.....

And I wouldn't trade this for the world...
No I wouldn't trade this for the world ---
Daddy & London - 1 Day old.

Wouldn't trade those little hugs
Wouldn't trade those big old smiles
Wouldn't trade those big old laughs

Cause it'd be far too quiet.....

(Written by Kev when Kaden was just a toddler...)

#5141.  No Daddy of his own...he looks to the Ultimate Father as his example...
5142.  A man whom I would be honored if my sons grew up to be like.
5143.  Tough...yet oh so tender.
5144.  Not afraid to say he is sorry.
5145.  Hands on...involved...taking his role of "Daddy" so very seriously.
5146.  Free with his "I love you's."
5147.  Free with his encouragement and his praise.
5148.  Gentle with his critiques.
5149.  An awesome example of how a husband should treat his wife.
5150.  One whom I am so proud to call Husband and Best Friend.

~ My Joy Journey...


Chantelle said...

I wanna see video of him SINGING it!

Ann said...

just beautiful....i guess you're not the ONLY gifted writer in the family:) Happy Father's Day, Kevin!!