Father's Day. A Few Days Early...

I am a Mama tired...
And this is weather wretched...
And my boys are crazy cooped up...
And I am so. very. tired. of. this. rain.....  It kind of bums me out....
My sweet little patch of rhubarb.
So, yesterday the boys and I decided to do something about it.
Rather than sit and wallow in our tiredness...and crankyness...and irritation at the weather...& each other..
We decided to get out of the way of ourselves...
Cooking....with poison ivy hands.  Mmmm-mmm.
And we decided to get our party on and surprise Daddy with an early Father's Day present.

We're finding that people are more likely wanting us to show our house on the weekends, so that means we have to make ourselves scarce during that time...so who knows if we'll even be home on Sunday...

(I will share more of our story in a later blogpost.  We are not going far...)

So, last night was Father's Day in our home.
And it was nice.
See that fishy on the counter?  He died yesterday.  Praise Jesus.
London cooperated by having a lovely morning nap so that the boys and I could make Daddy a pie.  We made a rhubarb banana pie with spelt crust.  Sounds weird...but it tasted lovely, and it was super healthy as far as pies go...

The boys made cards...
Above:  Kaden's card...they always involve fishing.
Below:  Jesse's banner....and portrait of Daddy.  Scary...

And I interviewed each of them with questions about Kevy.
Courtesy of Pinterest....thankyouverymuch...
 Above:  Jesse's interview.
My favorite answers:
Daddy knows a lot about:  "That we're stinky."
Daddy likes to wear:  "Underpants."
My favorite thing about Daddy:  "That he loves me."
Above:  Ransom's interview.
My favorite answers:
What color is his hair:  "Green.  No...black."
What does he like to wear:  "Dresses."  Whaaaaa?
He always tells me:  "Don't scream and don't spit."  True. Dat.
My Daddy is happy when:  "I don't know.  Maybe when he eats corn."
Above:  Kaden's interview.
My favorite answers:
How old is Daddy:  "I think he's in his 40's."
My favorite thing about Daddy:  "That he's nice to me."
He always tells me:  "To reel faster."  (My boy tends to get his line caught on bottom.  A lot).

And then!
My crowning achievement of the day...
I made one of Kev's most favorite meals:  chicken gyros with homemade taziki sauce and homemade naan.

It's a teensy bit labor intensive, but sooo worth the effort.  The only thing that I would do differently next time, is I would do a double batch of everything:  chicken, sauce, and bread.  I am very much a fan of leftovers and I fully believe that time is money....so if one is going to take the time to make one batch of something...why not make two...or even three in my book.

Lessons learned, baby.
That won't happen again.
There was enough for Kev to take in his lunch today, but that. was. it.

Go on over to my friend's blog to get the full lowdown on how to make everything.
Thank you, dear friend!  My entire family rises up and calls you blessed!
You rock.  Very much indeed.
One to eat and one to share.

So, it was a lovely evening.
A yummy supper.  A delish dessert.  Sweet little cards read.
And then an early bedtime for all of us..

Happy Early Father's Day, my Love.
We all love you so....

And how does this man make me feel loved?  Well...Methinks he could sense my growing angst with the weather...and with my Hoolies running wild...and getting under each other's (and my) skin......or maybe it was just that I came right out and told him that my skin is starting to crawl just a smidge.  Either way - that man just sent me a text saying he's asked Grammy and Grampy if the boys can spend the night some night this week and spend ALL day the next day with them as well whilst I go and search for my sanity...AND he's bringing home a pizza for a stay at home date night tonight.

Goodness gracious me...that man is Hot.


meg said...

so sweet! thanks for the shout out ;) so cute that you interviewed the boys! i was going to do that with bella... she's big into favorites right now. such a great idea! so cute :)

Anonymous said...

When you are in Freeport next time try Antonia's Pizzaria. It's one of our favorite places to eat for authentic Greek food (we could meet up & re-connect).-Long lost friends

Life With My Joys..... said...

yeees! but, "long lost friends".....we need your number!