HOME. {for sale}.

So, there's this little two-acre piece of property that holds many many beautiful memories....almost four years of them to be exact....and that is just darling.  A HOME that was bought by a Daddy of two little boys and a Mama who was hugely great with child at the night of purchase; a HOME that saw baby boy #3 brought home into it the very next day; and a HOME that three and a half years later saw this family's first wee bitty baby girl brought into it as well.

And it's a HOME that is now for sale.

And because a few more people read my blog than who have actually walked through my doors, I shall now give you a pictorial virtual tour...just in case you want to buy it from us.

It's a quirky little style of a house, but then again so are we.

We've always liked houses and pieces of property that have character.  So, the salt box piece was a stand alone for awhile, and then the living room and two additional bedrooms got built on years later.

The red door with the star leads into our living room, so we don't use that door as an entry.  We use the one on the far right side of the house that leads into our kitchen, below:
 This is what you see as soon as you walk inside.  I live in my kitchen.  It's where the boys and I are always cooking, there's a little room that holds my washing machine and dryer, it's where we do school ~ and it's just the general area where I do all of my whirling and swirling all throughout the day.

This is the view looking in at the kitchen from the living room:
 And this is the view looking into the living room from the kitchen:

There are two great big windows to the left of the kitchen table, so the room is always really bright and happy, and this is honestly my most favorite room of the house.  It's where LIFE happens.

To the right of my kitchen table, there is this little nook of a space that I have claimed for my own.  It's where I have all of the boys' schooling materials, and it's also where I am sitting right now at this very moment as I type these words...
Below:  Stepping into the living room, this is the view to the right:
We heat our entire home completely with wood - and it is very cozy and happy all winter long.
And below is the view if you were standing in front of the fireplace looking out over the rest of the living room.
That little bit of pink lying on the couch is NOT for sale....although there are moments when she might be...
I never got around to painting that door...
The entire living room used to be that color green.  It was just a wee bit too much for me, so now it's a soft cappucinno color.  I had always planned to paint the door the color of that red lamp shade...but I really really hate to paint...and then the longer I lived here, I just didn't seem to notice it anymore.

Below is our downstairs bathroom that sits just to the left of the couch in the above picture.
This is really the boys' bathroom....and the company bathroom whenever people come over.  In which, I have to give 'er a real clean sweep as there are certain (read: three) little boys whose aim is not always the greatest as they like to play "shooters" and all take aim at the same time.  It's a glorious adventure, I guess...
This is the big boys' bedroom.  It's through the door that you see to the right of the rocking chair in the living room, and it overlooks the garden and has two happy windows.  It also often smells like something died in there when they keep the door closed for too long...and when they make little boy noises and do things that little boys love to do.  It also is never ever tidy, and I have given up trying to make this one room "show ready" for whenever the Realtor calls.  I figure people will have to use their imaginations for this one.  And I also want to let the boys live.  And play.  And create.  Without always and forever making them put every single thing away.  So, for this past showing, an entire popsicle stick village was front and center for all the world to see.  Whateve......
This is the other downstairs bedroom.  For us, it has served as both guest room and whatever child is the youngest in our family at the time....  One window overlooks the garden, and the other overlooks the backyard, fireplace, and chicken coop area.
That's why this is my favorite bedroom...
Garden and chicken coop.  My faves.

And it's also the room that gets the most sun.  If we end up staying here for any amount of time longer, our plan is to move all three boys upstairs, because it's just a huge wide open space; we'll put London in their room, and we will take this room.
Above:  This is the nook of our bedroom on the floor upstairs.
Right now it is serving as London's little space.
And this is the rest of our room...with London's sweet little Moses basket to the left of the bed.  The entire loft is done in pine - people seem to either love it or hate it.  It could easily be painted or whitewashed.  But Kev and I like the simplicity of it...plus, remember I despise painting, so we have kept it this way.  There are also two ginormous "his" and "her" closets and our own bathroom:
Through the sliding glass doors of our living room, you can walk outside to our deck.  The house came with a hot tub, which is rather glorious in the wintertime.  Kev loves it year round, but I like it when it's so cold out that the air freezes my nose hairs.  Then the water feels especially love-o-ly.
 We try to have manners and keep the girls off the porch.  They were just dying to be in the photo shoot.  To the right of the hot tub is a really good sized space to put a patio table and chairs.  This is where we eat virtually all of our meals in the summertime.
We have a detached two car garage directly to the right of the porch, and I started a wee little perennial flower garden on the side of it.  The woods are full of big fun rocks.  This is where we got all of them to make both the rock wall and the fire pit...
 This is where we eat many a chicken sausage and s'more in the summer...and it's where we cook many a cup of camp coffee all year round.
And this is our big backyard.
It's sweet, happy, and always full of life.
There's a big huge garden down the slope to the left that is chock full of veggies.
There's an awesome "neighbor Lew" right across the road."
And it could all be yours if you're interested...

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