Showers of Blessing.

I've heard tell of the "proper etiquette" in certain places being that a first time Mama is given the typical baby "shower" where she is bestowed with all of the basic necessities that she both registered for and and didn't - and after this, she should be set for the majority of her successive pregnancies.  When baby #2 comes along, she may or may not receive a baby "sprinkle."  And this sort of event often includes gently used clothing - and mostly things of a completely practical nature - you know, diapers, wipes, etc.

And for baby three?  Well, I guess that depends on the Mama's friends and family...and how generous they are feeling with either their "showering" or their "sprinkling."  I was blessed to be abundantly showered with number three, as well.  I have been one blessed woman.

But, when my Mama told me that "we haven't had a baby girl in our family for 13 years, so yes indeed you are having yourself a baby shower up here in the County for baby #4," suffice it to say that I am well aware of "etiquette" or "tradition" - or what have you....and I was just a wee bit mortified.

At the very most - my Mama and my sweet little church that I grew up in should have given me a "drip."

Fourth baby?
How much can one person expect out of their wee little church who not only gave them their bridal shower but their very first baby shower as well?

Let's just say it was the farthest thing from being a drip that I have ever seen for a fourth baby...
Instead, there was a cake made (by the same lady who made my wedding cake almost fourteen years ago) that could have fed about one hundred people...
There was food that we ate on for about three days....and that we are still eating on today, in fact...
And there were dear, sweet friends and family who came and "showered" me with so much love...and with so much pink....that I almost had to leave one of the boys up North with Grampy and Grammy because we weren't sure where we were going to fit everything on the drive home.
Sweet cousins...and aunties...and baby girls of delish.
 It was quite honestly, amazing.
My Mom has been saving my dolls - and waaaaaiting - for the day when I might have a little girl of my own to play with them.  To be honest, I don't remember playing too much with them - unless I had a girlfriend over who had a waaay better imagination than I.  I would try to play "house" with them and be bored to death after about ten minutes.  But, I had some girlfriends who were amazing "baby Mamas."  The one doll that I did used to get a ginormous charge out of was my "Baby Alive" who I could feed...and then who would poop whatever food I had just fed her straight into her diaper.

My brothers and I always found this to be highly entertaining....
We shall see what the next generation brings us...
This was my guest page.  Courtesy of Pinterest, I had everyone stamp their thumbprint all over a (poorly) sketched tree that I had drawn, and then signed their names beside it.  This will go into her baby book, and perhaps be just a wee bit more interesting to look at than a plain old page with name after name written down the side.
 My sweet little Marmie read a couple of poems that made her all weepy.  Twas very sweet...
And part of her decor was vintage dresses that she wore along with little dresses that I wore as a baby, as well.
My friend, Katie, made me the most adorable table centerpiece.  She filled a little sleeper up with diapers, stuck some more in a little hat, and then put a little binky in her "mouth."  It looked just like a little baby laying on her belly with her bum stuck up in the air.  SO cute.
And my cousin Jodi and Aunty Sylvia (my dear family members who were Mom's co-horts in crime for the big day) had us play a game that this preggo brain found to be extremely difficult!  I think I maybe got six out of the eighteen questions.  You had to list baby body parts with these little clues given.  

Here's a couple of examples:
A school child = pupil
A place to worship = temple
Edge of a saw = tooth
A name for garbage = waist

Clever, eh?

So - it was just lovely.  Everything about it.
I was made to feel loved, and I was over the top blessed.
I was surrounded by family and friends, and I was so very abundantly "showered" when I really should have only ever been "dripped" upon...
And my boys?

Well, I can't even begin to tell you the utter hoot they got out of seeing "ALL of the pink girly stuff!"
Especially the pink tutu and the sparkly converse sneaks....
Suffice it to say - they have been highly entertained with my sorting and nesting today...


Rachael said...

Oh I am so glad for you Amy!!! I personally have the opinion that EVERY baby is to have a shower and be celebrated! Lavish gifts or not!
I absolutely adore that Momma Q. had such a sweet, sentimental part of the shower. So incredibly meaningful. She's the best.
And, can I just add that I'm excited to see this baby London? :-)

kim veilleux said...

So so sweet of them ant tor London!!!

Shay said...

very sweet :)