Quest for Spring.

Last week was a WEEK.
I swear, my kids were on crack or something - like overthetopwild and bouncing off the walls crazy.

And so, while I wouldn't say that this weekend was warm - by any means - there was some sunshine, and there were bare patches of ground....and in light of another impending storm or two that are potentially on the horizon for this week ---- just, shoot me now ----- two different times these past two days we bundled the Hoolies and threw them in the car to find a place where they could just run wild for an hour or two and get the stink blown off of them.

Holy run-on sentence.
One of those kinds of posts, methinks...
It's Monday, after all.
Notice the child on the far right.  Whirling.  Wild Child.  Of Crazy.
And whilst I really and truly hate (I know hate is a strong word, but it's kind of like torture for me) being cold, my hormones could not handle another solitary second of three whirling dervishes literally spinning around the house and hollering at the tops of their lungs any longer.
Same child.  Jumping INTO a tree.
And it honestly was just what the doctor ordered.
For all of us.
Again.  Same Child.  Scaling...and falling out of...a tree.
I think that March makes us all up here in Maine just a little bit crazy.
It teases us with the promise of spring, and then it blasts us with a few more weeks of winter, first.

But, this weekend, we took March up on her "tease," and we bundled up well...
And for just a few hours, we ran wild.
We tasted Spring.

We blew the stink of sedentation off of our bodies.
For just a few hours, the kids didn't hear their Mama on repeat yelling:  "Oh my word!!  Chill. Out!"
And we pretended it was Spring.

This large and in charge Mama also took a somewhat amazing digger on the ice during one of these adventures...which came as no surprise, because with each and every baby in womb, I have christened them with a somewhat significant know, just to ease them into what life is going to be like on the outside...

But, that's a story for another day.

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Heidi said...

i love all the pictures!!! and everything you said :)