Weekend Wanderings...

Yesterday was the first time since October where the temperature reached above 60 degrees.
I heard it from the Weatherman.  He said so, and I believe it.
Since October.  It's been awhile.
No wonder we've all been so cagey.

Six months it has been since our outdoor temperatures have tipped the scales above 60.
Six months where we have bundled up our extremities every single time we've gone outside to play.
Six months of mostly either snow or rain.
Six months of a whole lot of inside entertainment for four rowdy children...
Every year it's a contest to see who can find the first Salamander.
Daddy won this year - not even trying.  He was collecting rocks for a fire pit!
So, yesterday, when the sun peeked it's head out, and the temps promised to actually feel like Spring, we literally lived outside for ten hours.  From 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night, we were adventuring and just BEING in the great outdoors.  And It.  Was.  Blissy.
Introducing London.  "Hiiii Buggy!"  Not quite, Sweets...
And I honestly could feel my soul waking up again.
When we came back inside - filthy, tired, and smelling like smoke from our campfire - we could tell that we had been craving these warmer days.  Craving the sun on our skin and bare feet in the grass.  Craving being outside - wild and free - and just BEING in wide open spaces.  My family needs this.

I need this, or I start to go Postal...

We worked on projects.
The boys caught some fish.
They played in the sandbox.

They stripped down to t-shirts and bare feet.
We have a tank full of salamanders.
And we had our first backyard campfire.

The t.v. was never once turned on.
The kids never once asked to go back inside.
We were in wide, open spaces of sunshine without any walls caging us in.
We gave the kids rides in our old wagon on back, dirt roads.
We stopped for ice cream on the way home.
And we played football in the backyard when we got home.

Sweet, simple joys.
Time well spent with my Loves.
Reconnecting.  Just Being.  Letting peace sink deep down far into my bones...
I think that yesterday, for the first time, this place truly felt like Home.

We moved in the Fall, and most of our time has been spent inside, or just playing outside for short stints of time.  Yesterday, I feel like we really began to get a feel for the lay of the land, and we began to put our own marks on our property.  A fire pit being our first staking claim.

Our new house is small - the smallest place that we've ever lived.  But true to Family form, my kids - and Kev and I really - we love to live outside.  Yesterday was full of little gifts that showed me my big ole family is going to be just fine in a cozy, little place.

There's a fire pit for cooking and roasting things.
A backyard sufficient for an awesome game of catch.
Swingsets and sand boxes.
Wide open fields where my boys can play and explore.
A sweet stream right beyond the treeline.
Horses running free next door.
Peepers at night.
And kind neighbors to befriend.
All gifts.
All grace.

All things that I do not need, but so many things the Lord knows I love.
Days like yesterday are like life to my bones.
They center and re-fuel me.  They bring me deep joy.

And to the Giver of all of these gifts, I am so very thankful...

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