Sweet London Faith.....Namesake of our Mamas ~

Two years ago this week-end, you entered into this swirling world of boys, and you rocked each one of us in every possible way.  We can't even remember anymore what life was like without you.  A whole lot less pink, for sure.  Fewer kisses.  And far less snuggles...

You've got four smitten men on your hands right now, Little Girl...and one crazy in love Mama.

Your boys have adored you since birth, and they continue to do so today -- even when you sneak into their bedroom and find their secret candy stashes. They are far quicker to forgive you than anyone else in the family.  You have a sweet and different bond with each one of them, and they are your most favorite "playthings."

What gifts you have in them.
And what a gift you are to them in turn...
Your first days Home.
You are well loved, Little One.
You have no idea just how loved you are.

You have changed this Mama, London.  You have grown me and you have stretched me in ways that I never even knew possible.  Some day, reading back in all of your Mama's blog entries and baby books, you will see just how very terrified I was of having the responsibility of raising a little girl.  I still am, by the way.  The boys want to model their Daddy.  They watch him.  They imitate him.  And they try to be like I have never felt this full burden of responsibility that I now do with you. I honestly have no idea how to raise a little girl.  I myself was raised in a world of boys, and this is the world that I know.  But God saw fit to entrust you to me, and so I trust Him with that.  And I love Him all the more for it.  You delight me.  And this delight and trust far surpasses any of my fears.

You will see a lot of mistakes from this Mama of yours...and who knows what dysfunction I bring to the table each and every day. You will never have to wonder if your Mama's perfect or not, for you'll clearly see her flaws.  I make a lot of mistakes, and sometimes I lose my way.  But, you'll also never have to wonder if you're loved.  Or accepted.  You will always be wanted.  And I will always be your Home.  May you learn from me how to admit your failures, and may you daily see in me big baths of grace.  May you watch me walking in frailty and in faith...a deep and contented faith that this rich, and raw, and real.  One that is confident and content in choosing Jesus.  Always and forever - no matter what.  May you see me looking to Him for my assurances, for my answers, and for my strength.  May you learn at an early age that Comparison destroys Contentment -- and so Jesus is the only standard needed for your everything.  These are things that I want you to learn from me. These are the things that I want to settle deep into your soul.

And your Daddy.  You watch him, Love.  There is so much you can learn from him.  He's the first man you'll ever fall in love with...and he's the model you want to shoot for in your own man someday.  Trust me, I know.  I've been praying for your man and for his own sweet Mama who's raising him right now ever since I knew you were growing inside of me. Lord, give her grace to raise him to know You and may he stay protected and pure as he waits for you, sweet girl...

Heavy things to write for a two-year old's birthday post.  But you won't be two forever, and these are the things your Mama's heart sees and thinks about while we're playing blocks together or sharing our morning eggs.

There are other things too.  SO many other things!  You are so funny, London!  You constantly keep us in stitches.  You love a good audience.  You find yourself hilarious, especially when you know you're being naughty.  You are whirling, and you are crazy.  You are - hands down - my craziest kid, which equal parts delights and exasperates me.  I find it rather funny that I prayed I wouldn't have a prissy, girly girl - and God gave me a kid who thrills in playing with (and drinking!) toilet love to stand right in the middle of the've pooped in the tub more times than my three boys did combined....and you daily make more messes than any of them!  You are just as loud, you are just as crazy, and you get just as dirty as the entire lot of them.  You daily kick my butt, and I kind of love it.

You also love your "pretties,"  You love wearing necklaces and beautiful dresses.  You put on multiple different shoes all throughout the day.  You love the hat and mitten basket, and you love to have your toenails painted.  Such an adorable combination.  Maybe just a little bit like me.  And so, I'll paint your toes pink, while I continue to do mine black.  We'll both go and catch frogs and salamanders together.  I'll give you a little splash of makeup while I do my own.  We'll find joy in our chickies together.  I'll draw the line at wearing dresses for me, but I'll happily put you in a sweet little number.

And we'll keep walking this journey of Mother/Daughter together.
What a gift you are to  me -- to all of us -- sweet London Faith!
 Happy Birthday Number Two!
I'm not quite sure how it happened, and it really kind of slays me...but of such is the Journey of Motherhood...and taking this journey with you has brought me the deepest of Joys.  Thank you for that gift.  I love you, Londy....

~ Early Morning Babbles and laughter.
~ Squeals of delight when she sees her boys.
~ Squishing hugs and pat-pats on our backs.
~ Sweet, spitty lip kisses.
~ a diaper and boots - her clothing of choice.
~ sharing breakfast each day.
~ "Snuggies" with a "Blankie" together on the couch.
~ Her love for the chickies - much like my own.
~ Whirlish dervish wildness -- and her impy, crazy joy.
~ Her delights in the little things -- GO OUTSIDE!  Treats! "Milky!"
~ Puzzles, coloring, blocks, and legos - a few of her favorite things.
~ Her help with dishes and laundry.
~ Little conversations and gut splitting laughter.

~ My Joy Journey...London Delights ~

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