Mama's Day...

When the snow melted, Jesse found tons of "onions" and pulled them all up for me.
Thankfully,  a few of them survived...
While Kaden was doing Math beside me this morning, I was listening to a song that I have loved for years, and he looked up and said:  "You used to play this song all the time.  Why do you love it so much?"  And it struck me anew and afresh as to why it's buried so deep in my soul...

This is the song I had played on repeat over and over again for at least one of my babies' births.
It will forever transport me back...

Kev always gives me the greatest of gifts before each one of my babies is born.  He cuts me a C.D. of songs, and it's a total surprise as to what they are.  I love LOVE love these gifts...and I play them day and night during my entire stay in the hospital.  Years later, whenever certain songs are played, I'm instantly taken back 2, 6, 8, 11 years ago....

...And I love it.
My heart.   Right here.
Being a Mom.
What a crazy journey.
One I said that I never wanted to take once upon a time...

It's funny how life changes you.
I'm constantly surprised at how much I love being a Mama to these four little hearts.
They grow me.  They challenge me.  They humble me.  They fill me up so full...

From my Jesse.  We have an ongoing competition over who loves the other more.
And he bought me Dots.  His favorite candy so that I can share with him.

My Mother's Day was lovely.  My own sweet Mama was here, and she and I hit the town for an evening out together.  A rare treat - sans any Hoolies - and I never laugh so hard as when I am with her.  At one point, I seriously had tears running down my face so badly that I couldn't even see the road.  Silly things - jokes and humor that you only find funny in the moment and with each other. But, so much fun.

Such sweet memories...

My boys each presented me with their own sweet homemade cards and their own favorite treats that they knew I would share with them.  Ha!  They know I love something homemade far more than anything they could ever buy.  I love each of their little styles and interpretations.  I love how they change and grow each and every year.

My Daddy-O actually surprised me with a Mother's Day gift as well!  I love Dad's gifts...I never expect them, I'm always surprised by them, and they always have something to do with being crafty and creative.  This here is my very own personal belt sander!  I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I love that it's a big ole tool, and I love that it's all my own!

We had a bbq after our three services at church, we ate leftovers from London's birthday, and a whole slew of trouties that the boys had caught over the weekend.  We sat on the deck, we enjoyed the sunshine, and then after Mom and Dad left, London and I had ourselves a glorious afternoon nap while the boys all played outside.

That just may have been my favorite gift, right there!

The Hoolies all camped out in the backyard overnight.  They stayed up late nightcrawling with flashlights, and being crazy.  Kevy snuck away to bring us home a "Stay-In Date" of take-out whilst the kidlets had nary a clue, and he gave me the sweetest card with cold, hard cash to spend on something fun.

It was a great day.
It was sweet.
It was simple.
It was blissy.

And my Mama's heart is filled up clear to the tippy top brim...

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