These Days.

It's Zero Dark-Thirty - and she's wide awake.
With only One thing on her mind.
I groan at the clock - trip my way down the hall.
And leave my warm blankets behind.

I try to be stealthy - all quiet and fast ~
So Ransom, her roommate keeps sleeping.
But to my dismay - her cries wake him this day.
So, back to my bed we're ALL creeping.

We snuggle in close - try to eek out more time
Before starting life for the day.
It's not meant to be.  We've been spotted - we're done ~
We hear down the hall a "HOO-ray!!!"

"Kaden!  London's awake!"
"I'm holding her first!"
"No! YOU held her first yesterday!"

They all dive right in - to this bed that's a queen.
And Mama is squished - barely breathing.
It's all arms and legs - knobby elbows and knees ~
No room left for me; so, I'm leaving.

Down the stairs for some coffee - That Kev brewed real strong.
For this girl who's still half asleep.
But these days - they are fleeting ~ This I know full well.
So, these treasured moments I keep.

I know in my heart - that these mornings will change
Not too many years down the road.
And my bed will be empty - no crowding, no noise...
And I'll cry for those days long ago.

We will lay there - just us - in our bed that's too big.
And we'll wonder how time went so fast.
In my heart locked down safe - are these moments I'll keep
So my memories forever will last.

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Chantelle said...

Lovely. <3