Christmas Crazy.

We're thinking of starting a reality show...
One entitled "Surviving Christmas."
I think it could be a blockbuster hit.

I jest.  Honestly...
But...wowzas...that's kind of how I feel about this year's Holiday.
My family got sick, man.  Like cough-til-you-hack-up-your-supper sick.
Every last one of them, but me.
It was like some sort of plague around this place.
So much so, that we debated just staying around here instead of heading up to my Marmie's house like we usually do.  But, tradition won out - because I do love me my tradition - and I also do love me my family and the chance for every last one of us to be together under one roof for at least a night or two.  So, after a phone call up north to tell them what they would all be getting themselves into and to see if they really wanted us to come or not, we headed Home.

Because they told us to come.
But I secretly wonder if some of them regretted their decision...
We were kind of a hot mess.

Kaden stayed crashed out on the couch just about the entire time we were up there.  All three Hoolies coughed so much that my one last nerve almost jangled right out of my skin.  And that wee little house was so jam packed full with all seventeen of us, that there was barely room for anyone to move around.

It was crazy.
I seriously think that if there were cameras set up in my parent's house on constant "record mode," we'd be millionaires.  We could make us some serious money with all the personalities going on inside that place.
This game is called who can stay on their sled the longest whilst being flung around in circles.
I laughed like a crazy lady the entire time.
But, that's what family is, right?

A whole lot of crazy mixed in with a whole lot of love.
Bound by blood, but friends by choice.
Messy and loud...and imperfect...and all up in each other's grille...
That's me.  Rockin' the Bomber outfit.  And getting flung out of my sled.
And playmates from the time we were younger than our own wee babies...

So, while there was coughing and sickness...and crazy cramped quarters...and a whole lot of LOUD...
There was family and fun...and a whole lot of food.

And there was Mexican Train, baby!
My new fave family game.
I SO love a game that our entire family's gamet of ages can understand and all play together.
Ransom doesn't quite get the idea, yet, but he can still match dominoes.
And it's simple enough for Kaden and Jesse to play on their own, as well.
And so another Quint Christmas has come and gone.
I'm pretty sure my poor mother is going to have to sleep the entire month of January in order to recover.
And I'm not sure how many more babies are going to be able to fit into that wee little house.
At least one more...I know this to be true.
Wee little London will be having herself a sweet little cousin to play with come next year.
Enjoy the spotlight, Little One.
You've got to share next year!

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