God of Heaven Come Down...

O come, oh come Emmanuel...
And ransom captive Israel...

Ransom us.
Deliver us.
Open our eyes.
Set us free....

Advent.  The waiting.
We wait for you, King Jesus...
We wait.

God of Heaven who came down...and who put on human skin.
King of Kings who bent low...and who quietly slipped in the backdoor of humanity.
A baby King born...a Heavenly Groom...to woo us back to Life.
And to draw our souls to Him.

He is coming.
In this pregnant pause of "before Christmas"...it is so much more than what we make of it.
It is not about the rushing and the striving...the checking off of the lists...the do-ing and the rushing.

This is not what we are to celebrate.
This is not what we are to be about.
This is not to be my focus.

Because if it is.....than I have missed it.
I have missed Him.

Cease striving and be.
Know that He is God.
Slow....see the sacred.
We ache for You.
We wait for You.

Glory to the newborn King...

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