Oh, how I love watching my little ones create.

I love how each of their personality's plays out so uniquely in their crafting and in their artwork...and I love watching their little imaginations go all crazy wild when I offer them a blank piece of canvas with the only instructions being:  "Mama wants some decorations for her wall, so here you have it.  Go to town."

So, that's what we did last week.  I have a ginormous blank wall in Ransom's room that I've been hankering to do something about.  I want it to be whimsical and very kid-like and why not "hire" my three small Hoolies to do something about said wall instead of going out and purchasing something that I probably don't even love?
And to add a little extra spice to our decorating fun, we decided to do it on a day when Shandy and her two Hoolie boys would be home, as well, so then we could all make messes create together!  Because if we're going to already make the mess for three small boys, really...what's two more?  How much damage could five wee boys do?

Actually, it went relatively smoothly.
So much so, that we decided to bring London into the fun of the day, as well.
But first, she gave us her own version of "creating"....

I give you:  "London's Bomb."
So, I left Shandy with the 5 (FIVE!) painting boys, ran upstairs, threw London in the tub, ran back down, and decided to get into the less smelly if not equally as messy job of painting her piggy toes...
I've done "Johnny Jump Up" art with all of my babies except Kaden.
I don't think I thought of it when he was just a wee babe.
 Sometimes, it's a more than one person affair...
It's usually messy and the baby wonders what in the world is going on with her...
But the outcome is pretty long as you can throw all hopes and expectations of perfection out the window.  If you look really closely you can see at least a couple of little toes beneath all of the smudginess...
So, these shall go up in Ransom and London's room as soon as I can find wherever my Get up and Go got up and went to.

And as things often go...once the mess is out and once the creative juices are might as well just keep on a painting.  So, as of late I am having a bit of a love affair with pallets.  And painting them.  And hanging them in my home.  And recovering from an almost hernia after said hanging expedition.  Whilst helping me hang my Pallet of Glory, Kev grunted through his teeth:  "This SURELY was a woman's idea!" To which I sweetly remarked about what a cheap date of a woman he has!  HELLO!!  Pallet?!  It's free baby!  Zero dollars!

You are most welcome.
Yes, this is a pallet, and it's on my entryway wall.
Quote courtesy of Pinterest.
Pallet courtesy of the Blue Seal parking lot.
Artwork courtesy of my dear friend Rachey Rach.
Verbal reprimand for speeding on the day we got this wicked idea and flew home to create it, from the nice Bangor cop.  I heart him.
And lastly, our Thankful Tree.
She's bitty and scraggly...and she's just in a lame-o Mason Jar.
But, she's going to be filled up with all of my little boys' "thankfuls" for this month of November.
And that makes her pretty beautiful to me.

A home filled with messes and with crazy.
With artwork on the walls made by little boy imaginations.
With words to live by scrawled on free pieces of junkwood.
Broken branches on a table slowly filling with a family's small thankfuls...

Creating is life...
And it is so very good.

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