The Stuff of Life.

For the days when you haven't lost your joy...but maybe it's just a little bit harder to find.
And for the days when you're chock full to the brim happy.

For the days when five little boys and one baby girl all under one roof are crazy, loud, and fighting...and you just might pull your hair out.  And for the days when you think you've got this thing called "walking alongside" down to a pretty good science.

For the living and the learning...for the grace extended and for the grace that's constantly shown.
For this beautiful expanse of a HOME.
For deep, soul friends.

And for loving each other just the way we are...
I am thankful.

For two Mamas in the kitchen...and for two Daddy's working hard.
For stooping ever lower...and for the Crazy swirling 'round.
For community, for vulnerability, for humility, and for hearts that beat as one...
I am deeply thankful.

For the school days of failure... and for those of success.
For Mama days of grumpy... and for their sweet forgiveness.
For sweet boys all crazy... and for arms thrown around me.
For sweet baby smiles and for just...slowing...down.

For seasons of sorrow and for deep, wrenching pain.
For seasons of humility and for refinement in the deepest soul places.
For seasons of Life and for accepting the grace.
And for seasons of rest and for healing the heart.
For all that Life throws...and for the Love of the Father...I accept and am thankful.

For his arms around me.
And for nights talking late.
For dreaming, for JOURNEY...
And for big leaps of faith.

For seeing life through the eyes of a child...
For seeing through their "messes" and for finding the creation...
And for remembering that "play is the work of childhood."
I am thankful.

For family, for friendships...for walking raw and real.
For days that are thriving...and for days just surviving.
For reminders that HE is God...and that I am not.
I am thankful.

For four little souls that are mine just on loan...
And for one man's heart that beats only for me...

For this month - and beyond - to practice Thanks-living...
And for these next few days and weeks especially... for this good reminder...
I am thankful.


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I wish we had camo outfits at NBBI, nobody would have ever saw us kissing...take that Couples Rules :-)

Life With My Joys..... said...

hahahah... oh. my. goodness. YES!