Gobble. Gobble.

 My mostest favorite Holiday without all of the hooplah of the stress that Christmas can sometimes bring.
And you still get all of the awesome foodies to boot!

I love that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas for so many reasons.

I love that we have this build up, these days of counting our thankfuls and of being grateful for even the littlest of things in our lives - especially the little things - before the crazy of Christmas happens.

I love that we stop...and we gather together with those that we love...and we just are.
I love that Kaden made London this darling little headband (pilgrim hat?  Indian headdress?) to wear for her first Thanksgiving with our family.  And I love that my most reserved little boy made such a tangible declaration of his love for his baby sister.  Mama gets a head bonk for a goodnight kiss, and London gets slathered with kisses and told that she's the "apple of his eye."

Haters don't be hatin.'
Mamas don't be jealy...
She is pretty delicious after all...
I love the simplicity of the day...
The food...the games...the crafts...and the crazy.
I love that Grampy puts in his earplugs when my boys are over for the day...
And I love when it's bedtime at night.
I love the leftovers for supper...
And I love the feeling of celebration and festivity...
And this man.
I really, really, really love him.
Even though he really, really, really loves to tease me.
He kind of makes me crazy.
I sometimes feel like I have four wild hooligan boys.
Because I do.
Behold!  The lunchtime of glory!
Followed by the suppertime repeat of glory!
She likes the squash.
She also likes to poop the squash.
It's fabulous.
And I LOVE me my food.
This here be a small sampling smackerel of pumkin, mixed berry, apple cranberry, and pecan pie.
Heaven on a plate, Baby.
And per our tradition, the Hoolies made our pilgrim hats.
I bought the no-name brand cookies this year.
Over half of them were broken.
Not cool.
And so... such was our day.
Simple.  Yummy.  Together.  Slow.  Loud.  Festive.
With Family.
T'was the greatest gift....

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Anonymous said...


We really enjoyed your Thanksgiving blog. You looked like you really enjoyed yourself. You have a beautiful family. You're a great writer!

We hope you all enjoy the holidays and look forward to your next post. We love you!

Bryon & Christine