Catching Up.


These past few weeks have totally and completely kicked my butt.  Like, seriously...I feel like I am a rat on a wheel and I just. can't. jump. off. for the life of me.  So, a few days ago - as it always does when life gets insane - my body decided to take charge.  It stuck a fork in me, it told me I was done, and it sent me off to bed for an entire afternoon, most of the evening, all of the night, and the majority of the next morning.  Kevy ran to Walgreens and bought me all sorts of concoctions, he ran a vicks vaporizor all night, he went on major Daddy Duty for about 24 hours or so...and it turns out, that's just what the doctor ordered.

These days, I pretty much feel like a new woman.

Life does that sometimes.
It hits you hard.  It knocks you down.  It makes you step back for a bit.
And that's okay.

I've been kind of a hot mess, but I'm all right with that, too.

My Thankful Tree is still pretty barren because we keep forgetting to add our "thankfuls" each day.
I got about 7 days into the 30 day crunch, plank, and squat challenge before I tanked.
I have about 3 stocking stuffers purchased for my kiddos for Christmas and that. is. it.
I'm pretty much perpetually behind in school this year.
I look like a bedraggled old hag when I wheel into co-op each Friday...usually 30 minutes late at that.
I cannot get caught up on laundry to save my soul.

And that's barely just the tip of the iceberg of what has been my life this past little while.

Throw in a Thirty-One party that I had for my oldest of friends who has recently become a consultant for the company...add us staying up until almost one in the morning visiting...and well, this old gray mare she ain't what she used to be.  I've been the walking dead ever since.  Top that with family coming through, my Dad having his shoulder completely replaced this week, and my dear, sweet 103 year old Great Grammy passing away... and that's a big ole' recipe for Crazy wrapped up in a neat little package of Insanity. Dad getting his shoulder replaced...and so many of his family members just stopping for the day so that we could all sit and wait together in the waiting room of the hospital?  And taking time off from work and life so that we can all come together to celebrate a lifetime of love and a legacy well lived by the Matriarch of our family?
Boys and puddles.  Like moths to a flame.
Well, that's a recipe for a whole lot of sacred right smack dab in the middle of all of this crazy chaos.
Because that's really what life is supposed to be all about in the first place.

Finding the joy.
Searching for the beauty.
Celebrating life.
Loving deep and wild and raw.
Babies eating their toes.  One of my favorite things.

Because the crazy - it's always there.
And the laundry will never be done.
Perfection has long since been thrown out the window.
And life lessons are just as important as book learning.

Family and legacy...being together and showing tangible love...
Losing and grieving...loving and walking alongside...
Beauty married right into the middle of the mess...

That's what the "stuff" of life is really all about.

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