These moments of silence that quiet the noise -
They help me to see and to hear Your small voice.

My thoughts, they go racing; my heart it runs wild.
But here, I am quiet - a Dad with His child.

Your love is Eternal, Your grace is far reaching.
I learn from you Father - these lessons You're teaching.

You're gentle.  You're tender.  You love.  You pursue.
When I look in the mirror, I need to see You.

Deep love with abandon; truth mixed with Your grace.
When people see me, do they see Jesus' face?

Do they know I am Yours?  I belong to the One?
Do my actions reflect the deep love of Your Son?

Do my boys see You Jesus, reflected in me?
Or is "busy" and "harried" all that they can see?

Do friends see me walking this journey with You?
Do choices I make show I'm trusting in You?

These things are what matter when this life is done.
Did I live my life well while I raised my three sons.....


Anonymous said...

Kev and Amy,

You keep me humble my friends. Each time I think I am doing "well" remind me that it isn't about the fireworks moments of life or the awards or praise of men. It is all about HIM. It is all about LOVE. It is all about THE ONE who gives life, laughter and hope. It is simply about Jesus and me and being in tune with HIS heart to love others as He does. Thank you.

LaurelM said...

Amy, you know i love you and all the stuff that comes out of your fingers and onto your blog. good, good stuff. and this is not a complaint, merely an observation... do you ever take pictures of your family from the front??? there are times i think that maybe you are in a witness protection program.

Life With My Boys..... said...

Haha! No...because my blog is open to whomever wants to read it, we keep the kids private. But, I get bored with blogs with no pics, and I love taking pictures....thus you get their backsides and whatever life we are doing at the moment. No witness protection. Just parental protection.

Sennie said...

Wonderful pictures of a special place<3

LaurelM said...

well, i meant in general... i guess i was wondering if all the pictures hanging in your house was the back of people's heads. think about that for a second. wouldn't that be fun? no? ok, then...