My Happy Place.

There is the sweet little slice of Heaven in smalltown Maine where my little family and I absolutely love to visit in the late summer and Fall.  It's a family owned and operated business run by a precious little family whom we love.  They ooze Jesus' love, they live and walk missional community, and they are just some of the coolest people that we know. 

 Pumpkins!  They make me happy...
 The owner's wife happens to have been my husband's Spanish teacher back in the day...and despite that little known fact, she just adores him!  Once or twice - at the very minimum - every Fall we have to go over for a day and get the full farm experience.  We pick apples, we walk through the corn maze, we feed the goats, and we get ourselves a wee little icecream.

Seriously, I love it.
Here's why:

 You never know when you're going to stumble upon an awesome little "field-trippy, hands-on, life skills learning" opportunity.  Mrs. Treworgy was just getting ready to milk one of her goats for their family when she saw us.  So she plopped herself right down on a stool, gave the kids a brief "how to" lesson on milking, and let each one of them have a go at it.
 Poor little Mama.....
But, seriously.  How cool is that?
And then!!!

She told me that she was going to make that little batch of milk into some yogurt, and when she saw the surprise and delight on my face at the mention of such a thing, she promptly invited all five of us back into her kitchen to make yogurt with her.

Here she is telling us what temperature she has to heat the milk.
Who does that?
Seriously, this lady rocks.
So, oh my blessed word - what a fun experience for everyone, right?

And then!!!
 We promptly decided to go get ourselves lost in their fun little (actually, not so little) corn maze.  On a side note:  I took the three littles here myself last year and got so lost I thought I was going to have to call someone to help us find our way out.  No joke.
 See the spot in the middle?  That's the Hall of Fame where you can write your names.
 This year, we had Kevy along to help show us our way...

Although Kaden's navigational skills are better than Kev's and mine put together.
No joke.
We will never win the Amazing Race.  Although, I think we would make pretty good t.v.
And then!!!

Once you make your way out of the maze....IF you make your way out of the maze...
You get one of these!
Can you see why I love this place so much?!
And then!!!
(Last one, I promise...)

 We went and gathered ourselves an insane amount of apples to be cooked down into applesauce and all sorts of other tasties.
 ...but mostly applesauce.
My goal is 52 quarts - one for each week of the year.
We shall see if I meet my goal.
So far, I have made 12 quarts, and I feel tired.
 We tried some family photos in the apple orchard.
So picturesque, you would think.
Not so much.
No family Christmas photos this year.
And then!!!
(Whoops - last one, I swear.)
 We just played around in their wide open spaces.
We fed the goats.
The boys tried to catch a chicken.
And I was in Heaven.
 I think I would like to live here.
Chickens under apple trees.  That makes me happy.
And then!!!
(Man - I'm such a liar...)
 Well....let's just say there's a WHOLE lot of this going on this weekend....
A little boy with an apple.
That makes me really happy, too...


Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss that place. We have one here with animals and free tractor/hay wagon rides and a corn maze. But the corn maze is way less cool and there's no ice cream...but there fresh, homemade apple cider donuts!!!
Sarah Y

Kelsey said...

Iiiiiiii work there now!! :)

meg said...

i was just telling gret and mom the other day that i want to take the kids here!! mrs. t was my spanish teacher too ;) totally need to go!

Shannon said...

Would you be willing to share your applesauce recipe? :)

Ginny nute said...

It was so neat to see you and your not so little family! Come visit me for a farm tour before the season ends :D I have connections! HA!