Little Loves...

Why, hello 8 jillion apples....
I loved you in the beginning.
Now, you make me tired.
His and Hers.
Black and Creamy.
Coffee's Delish.
And oh so dreamy...

Couldn't help myself.
Every little boy has taken his turn making morning coffee with their Daddy.
Now it's Ransom's turn.
I love how each boy has done this little ritual...

My boys, from a very young age, have also cooked with me in the kitchen.
Again, now it's Ransom who is becoming more and more interested.
This particular batch of applesauce was "heavily sampled."

The breakfast show with Kevin and Amy.
This involves a bold brew of coffee, a game or two of Cribbage, and us finding ourselves extremely hilarious.  Few truly get our brand of humor.

Quiet moments with crazy boys.
My loudest child is the greatest lover of books, and this is how I often find him most afternoons.  Love.
The final thing on our list of summer items to find - found!
We caught snakes, frogs, toads, and salamanders this summer but no turtles.
Until last week!  We caught a little painted turtle AND a little snapper.
We'll let them go in our little stream, and maybe they'll come back to us next summer.
I got three pumpkins this year.
I planted about 20, but I'm not complaining.  One for each little hoolie.
Hello, Fall.

The last of the tomatoes that I am going to do anything with.

I still have this many times two if anyone would take them off my hands.  My tomatoes started blighting, so I picked them all while they were still green and spread them out on newspapers in my basement.  Now they are ALL ripening.  Holy Hannah.  I was in tomatoes up to my ears.  Now I am trying to pay people to take them.

Shelves filling, filling, filling.
Kaden gets just as excited about this as I do.

This week I have to make pickled beets, and then I have one more batch of bread and butter pickles to make and I am DONE....Unless my neighbor, Lew, brings me over some of his derby beans...then I might be tempted to make another batch of dilly beans.  And then I might go and get some more apples....I haven't reached my goal of 52 quarts yet....
But, THEN I'll be done.
Cozy fires inside.
It's almost time!

Bow season.  It begins.
And then rifle season.
I shall be a widow for a few months.....
Here's to a Happy Happy Weekend!
Enjoy the little things.
See the joy in the small.
Savor the simplicity.

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Kristi said...

oh - i love you. and Ransom got his hair cut? cuties. let's chat this week, shall we?! its been awhile.