I played the "girly card" this weekend.

Around the breakfast table, we were all trying to decide on what we should do for our family day.

I believe my exact words were: "Well, I don't really care what we do. But, I guess I'm not really feeling up to climbing a mountain or anything..."

I felt like being a little more frivolous and lazy.
I kind of wanted something like sitting. On my bum. All day long.

Buuut, being slightly outnumbered in this household....

...that's exactly what we did.

My idea would have been so much better.


1928. Family day outside.
1929. God's creation - vast and wild.
1930. Picnics on top of Chick Hill.
1931. Hearts thumping, blood pumping.
1932. Boys - proud of their accomplishment.
1933. Snakes, nests, frogs, and caterpillars.
1934. Boys ideas better than my own.
1935. God in the trees, the woods, the trails - finding Him everywhere!
1936. Being reminded - again - that I am so small.
1937. And that He is SO great...

Psalm 108:1 - "My heart is steadfast oh God. I will sing. I will sing praises, even with my soul!"

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Kristi said...

You're a trooper, Ame...those boys will never forget what a great Mama they had as kids, always going on crazy adventures WITH them...what a special mama you are!! let's chat soon, 'k?