Because We Can.

While the majority of our school days are fairly structured - all of us at the kitchen table from midmorning until around lunchtime - often with a toddler and the Smudginator in tow....

...on these lovely summerishly fall days, I find it awfully hard to stay cooped up inside, when we could be doing the exact same thing out of doors!

I can remember begging my teachers - on those gloriously sunny, fall days - to please, please, puh-leeeez let us have class outside...and every once in awhile they would say yes. Those days were the best.

And, hey - I'm the big kahuna over in the these here parts on our school days...

So, this has been our classroom, as of late.
Just because we can, I guess.

All too soon, we'll be cooped up inside from morning until night. There will be no more grass, no more swingset, and no more shorts or capris.

So we're milking it, Baby...

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