As far as I'm concerned, we have our own little slice of Heaven right here in our neighborhood. Our very own "county fair" of sorts.

Treworgy Apple Orchards.

We love, love, love this place! It's all family owned and operated - sweet, wonderful people - and it's just an amazing place to spend an afternoon.

Corn mazes that stump even an adult...
Or at least this one.
I literally was praying that we'd find our way out of this thing.
I have absolutely zero sense of direction.
I would lose horribly on the Amazing Race.

Free concerts on the weekends.
Hayrides, pick your own pumpkins, a little petting area, homemade foodies, and an ice cream stand.

Every fall, at least once, our little family has to make the drive out here and just drink in the country and the wide open spaces.

This place seriously makes me so happy.

It is also our tradition to pick a boatload of apples!

Our friends own the place - and taught Kevin in school way back in the day - so they let us pick up the drops for free. They are gorgeous. They are nearly perfect. And I feel like the richest woman in the world when I leave this place.

Applesauce season begins!

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