This Week.

My Marmie has kidnapped the three largest Hoolies for the week, and I am absolutely, positively aimless.
London and I - we don't know what to do with ourselves.
Hair style courtesy of big brother, Jesse.
I had grand plans to conquer the world, but first I decided to get sicker than a dog for the entire day on Sunday.  And kudos to the single Mama's all the world around, because for six of those twelve hours that I was sick, Kevy was working, and I literally counted down the minutes until he came home.  I rolled myself up into a little nest on the floor and let London use me as her jungle gym in between my hurling bouts of awesomeness... and I thought to myself:  "My respect level for all the single Mamas who do this day in and day out - sick or healthy - all alone and without a teammate, has seriously risen about ten notches.  They need a medal.  And many, many uninterrupted naps.  And a vacation to Hawaii."  Because then Kevy came home and took care of me.  And I slept for hours and hours.  And my Besty downstairs made me soup.  And now I feel like I went through the most amazing detox of my life, and I am right as rain.

Except, I'm a wee bit aimless without all of my normal chaos swirling around me.

And also except for the fact that London is into taking little piddly naps as of late, so all of my expected "free time" has really been broken down into about an hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon.  That gives me one uninterrupted shower and a wee bit of housekeeping - that she can undo in two seconds flat as soon as she wakes up.

But, we're rolling with it.
And we're having fun.
Because a change is as good as a rest, so they say.
My childhood dirt road.  SO many memories....
But, I do miss the Large Ones.
I kind of like them.  A lot.

And being a Mama surely is a crazy thing, isn't it?
When they are with me and hanging all over me - loud and crazy and whirling dervishes of madness - sometimes I crave myself a break of silence.  But, then when they leave for a few days...I'm just not sure what to do with all of the silence.  And all of the personal space.  And things that stay in order for more than five minutes.  It's weird.  I feel like three pieces of me are missing....
A childhood memory.  Drawing in the "shiny mud."
They're cute.
And stinky.  And loud.  And messy.  And crazy.
And they pretty much have my whole heart.
But, until Friday, it'll just be me and all my girls.  And the Largest Hoolie of them all...
And that's kind of nice, too.

More conversations are getting finished.
A date to be had here and there.
Assessing and re-assessing life.  And priorities.  Which is always good to do.
A little more silence and a little more time for reflecting.

And a whole lot of baby girl snuggling.
And then on Friday, the chaos will once again reign supreme.
And re-entry will be loud - and maybe even a little bit painful.
But, it will be happy.
And it will be full.

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Shannie C said...

So sweet, Ame. Ha! That sign completely made me and Rach think of you when first we saw it in the amazing Hobby Lobby! :)