Someday, my goal is to make Easter the biggest of all of the Holidays in our Home.  Bigger than Christmas - and even more celebrated.  Not in the commercialized sense, and not in the gifty gift sense - but in the "this is what the meaning is behind this Holiday - and It. Is. Huge." sense.

Because Christmas is big, for sure.  Jesus - taking on flesh and moving into our neighborhood.  It's huge.  He is the greatest gift ever given, and so we celebrate and we give gifts to each other in turn, and we remember.

But Easter...  Easter is Epic.

Easter is where He wins.
Easter is the proof that this - this here and now life - is not the end of the Story.
This is just the Waiting Room until a Forever of celebrations with Jesus...a Forever of celebrations that we get to have all because of what He did for us so many years ago.

And in the day and weeks before - while we watch and while we wait...  while we are aching and groaning for winter to be gone and past...and while all that we see outside is still dead or dying with no signs yet of life.... 

That's what our lives would be forever like if He had stayed in that grave.
If all He had done was come as a baby like He did on Christmas, and die on the cross like He did on Good Friday....if He had stayed in that tomb....if we just stopped there, and if we never ever celebrated Easter....

Well, all would be lost.
There would be no reason for living.
That's why we have the Hope.
And that's why we have the Joy.

It's all because of Easter.

And I suppose we'll never get it picture perfect and just the way I want it to be.  Life is crazy, and we're all messy.  But, we'll still keep celebrating.  And with each passing year that we are given, maybe we'll help our kids remember just a little bit more.  And maybe we'll keep helping them to see why Jesus is always the answer, and why He's the only way.  Maybe we'll all learn together just how Epic Easter really is...

And I will take the silly right along with all of the seriousness.

I will happily sweat ringlets of water down my face and all the way to my toes for two hours and be the Easter Bunny for a community of kids who may have never walked through the doors of a church...  And I will sit back with tears running down, as hand after hand after hand raises high on Sunday morning.

And we will bake our resurrection rolls and play with our resurrection eggs.  We'll still have hunts outside, and we'll make bunny bread.  We'll keep some silly traditions, and we'll create some new ones as they grow.  We'll walk together.  We'll learn together.  We will pray and we will grow.

The days won't go perfect, but neither are we.
But, we will limp along, and we will do our best.
We will celebrate loud, and we will instill the joy...

Well, because it's Epic.
Lessons Learning....

My chains are gone....I've been set free...

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Blairish said...

Needed that today. Thanks.