It's In Her Blood.

The Hoolies come home today.
So, in anticipation of this joyous event, London decided to get energized whilst on a hot date with her Daddy and me.

I have always let my boys steal sips of my coffee from the time they were the tiniest of ages.  No judge-y. I've had a plan all along, and there has always been a method to my madness.  My end game is this:  get my boys to love coffee as much as I do, and then when they're grown and gone, they'll still pop over once in awhile to their old Ma's for a quick cup of coffee and a wee little visit.

That's what my brothers do.
And that's what my Daddy-O always did with his Mama right up until she passed away.
I intend to carry on the tradition.

And I think Daddy's and daughters are no different.
Although, I much prefer making and eating panfuls of fudge with my own Dad.
But, in a pinch, coffee always works fabulously, as well.

Why - just a couple of weeks ago, Dad showed up on our doorstep around 7:30 a.m. and we all had about 3 pots of coffee together with our breakfast.  Coffee makes the world go round.  And it makes my Father hyper, because he's not used to our super bold brews.  Makes for some fun conversations.

Anyway, Kevy has decided to start his own tradition of sorts with London, apparently.
Although why stop at mere high test coffee?  Why not start her right in on espresso?

He thought so...
Super SUPER High test.  No sugar.  A little froth.  Fresh ground nutmeg.
That'll get you up in the morning!
An espresso-laden laugh....all over Daddy.  Classic.
She's a Booker.
And she's raring to go!
Hoolie Boys....we're ready for ya!

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Aaron Prill said...

That's awesome. No judge-y here, but not sure I dare give Max a jolt of extra energy... He seems to have reserves of the stuff. :)