When Life Gets Hairy...

** Written almost two weeks ago now...Happy to report that we are moved and settled in...we are finding our new norm...and our new adventure has begun...But before we were able to get to said new adventure...all of THIS happened:

When you crawl into bed with your little six year old who is sobbing sad because his kitty never came home...
And when you hug your neighbor tight good-bye and the tears slip past for both.

When your baby starts to teethe and her naps are just a joke...
And when you've had McDonalds, toast, or cereal for suppers all. week. long.

When the rest of life is starting school, and you haven't even ordered all of your materials...
And when sleep doesn't come but you feel like the walking dead.

When you're sad to leave what felt like your Forever Home...
And when you're a little nervous about what the future holds.

When brothers fight...
And with nerves frayed raw....

There's grace.

There's grace in the form of friends who come to paint, and in Grammy's who rock your babies.
There's grace in men who take time from their own crazy lives to move a coop...for the love of her chickens.

And there's grace in deep, soul friendships who walk alongside.

There's grace in ice cream for supper and in sweet baby coos.
In fresh coats of paint and in wiping wet tears.
In taking naps with your baby and in stopping to nurse.
In stooping way lower and in asking for help.
In deep conversations and in just. letting. go.

There's grace.

For life that's upended
...but for chapters anew.
For three boys excited
...and a marriage that's true.
For friendships and country
...for Mama's who come.
For his arms around me
...when each day is done.

For boys and wee babies
...for him and for me.
For starting new chapters
...for choosing to see....

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