In the Midst.

In the midst of the messy and the madness ~
I am safe, I am loved, and I am free.

With my Jesus and my loved ones all around me ~
Step by step, day by day.... It's all I need.
Summer's last Hurrah...
When my heart begins to roam...I'm reminded:  Here's not HOME...
And Jesus holds my hand...He walks with me.

With this change that's all around me ~ And this pace I cannot keep...
He gives me the perspective that I need.
And Kaden's 18", 4lb. bass.  He went out in a blaze of glory.

When fear, it seeks to bind me, and heartache takes its toll ~
I'm reminded what's Eternal, and I'm made whole.
With mercies new, and grace that's true ~
With faithfulness that never fails me...

He holds my hand; He helps me stand ~
In the midst of this madness and this messy ...

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Anonymous said...

I never feel closer to God then when experiencing nature. Your pictures remind me of that today(Amos4:13) Kaden, a 4lb. smallmouth bass is a trophy-nice job.