For the Hippie in my Heart...

The Common Ground Fair.
Oh.  My.  Goodness.
Eye candy for my heart...if that statement even makes any sense.

This place is amazing.

A sweet little crunchy fair that takes place in Maine during our most beautiful time of the year.
Summer is drawing to a close.
Fall is just creeping up on us.
No bugs.  Perfectly warm sun.

Add in a whole lotta' beautiful things to look at, yummy food to eat, sweet animals to pet and (possibly purchase), and some awesome at-one-with-nature culture to blend in with and be a part of for just a few hours...All that combined, and you've got yourself a sweet recipe of perfection all wrapped up into one rockin' hippie festival.

I heart this fair.
My boys heart its food.
And I would have hearted about ten more hours just wandering around and drinking everything in.

I love this place.  I love everything about it.
It's so simple.  It's stripped down.  There's nothing flashy.  And it's totally organic.
Like - for real, nothing fake or processed - in any of their products or even in their produce.
But, also organic in the sense of feeling like this is how life is supposed to be.

Grow your own veggies.
Grow your own meat.
Make your own clothes.
Dye your own fabric.
Spin your own wool.
Can your own produce.

Make your own canoes...or houses...or everything, for that matter.
Have your own worm compost-er.
Cook your own bean hole beans.
Shear your own sheep.

Have your own at-home funeral. (Seriously, there was a talk about this!)
Have your babies at home...with a midwife or a doula.
Plow your own fields - with horses.
Have your own milk - with your own cows or goats (Yes, please.  Next spring).
Write your own music.

Sing your own songs.
Make your own fun.
Learn to be a true Homesteader.

You know....the Little House on the Prairie series sort of thing.

I told my boys that if ever we were to have World War III, and we lost all electricity, and the grocery stores all shut know...End Times sort of thing....these are the people we'd need to be hanging out with. We are all so dependent upon our computers...and our electricity...and our machines....and our fast food restaurants and grocery stores.  Most of us wouldn't know what to do with ourselves....

That's why I love this place.
It humbles me.
Both with its simplicity and its beauty.
And with its earthiness and its respect of where all the stuff that we take for granted really comes from in the first place.

It laughs in the face of the tyranny of the urgent.
And it takes you back in time.....
Love, peace, and chicken grease, Baby...


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