Belong to Where You Are...

I love that line.
And I think it's legit.
Five little Hoolie boys.  And 1 large blue alien.  Count them.  Cah-razy.
Being married to a nomad who is up for anything and who is willing to go wherever; and also knowing in my heart that I've been "called" (if you can give it a name) to this sort of's a tricky dance to "bloom where you're planted" and to embrace the here and now to the fullest... but when it's time for yet another new chapter, the roots need to be just shallow enough to be able to uproot in a way that is not too overly agonizing.
Fall decor, toys in my yard, and coffee on my step.  Now it feels like HOME.
I am learning this dance.
The change-hater within me is still not very good at it, but I am getting better.
Eight homes later, I'm adjusting my sails a little more quickly each time.

It was after we purchased our very first home, and then had our very first child....I honestly thought that we "had arrived," that this was our "forever home" and that I would be a teacher and Kev would be a youth pastor for as long as we both were gonna' live.  But, then Kevy got this wild and crazy idea to sell our house and go back to college...and it was then and there that I knew my life would most definitely not be looking like my own Mama's life where they bought a plot of land in their twenties, put their first little trailer on it while they were just starting out, and then built their honest and true Forever Home where we all know that they will indeed spend the rest of their live long days...
Don't worry.  The sallie is fine.  I was just being shown his "cute red tummy."
This is not the life I am ever going to live.
And I'm actually quite okay with it.

But it is why I tell all of my girls at my restaurant to choose wisely when it comes to the man whose name they will one day share.  They want to be willing and happy - and excited even - to follow him to the Ends of the Earth if that's what God puts on his heart.

And so, here we are - almost one whole month into our new adventure of life sharing and life living with our friends.  I can honestly say now - four weeks in - that I am happy and settled, I have my new rhythm and groove, and there's nothing left for me to mourn.
Meet Snowball.  Our new little Silky.  I wanted to name her that's what I secretly call her in my heart.
Life is good.
My boys are happy.
My chickies are roaming free.
School is happening.
We are finding a new normal.
And it is well with my soul.

Because honestly, "What I love most about my HOME is who I share it with...." ~ Tad Carpenter

"And then her heart changed, or at least she understood it; and the winter passed, and the sun shone upon her." ~ J.R.R. Tolkein, the Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King.
2 Mamas.  Soul sisters.  Life living.


Anonymous said...

I see you've been to the fair but have you been to Treworgy Orchard yet? I want to get there before you harvest a jillion apples ;-)
Maybe I missed it in an earlier post but do you guys share stove,fridge,laundry or is it a separate apartment upstairs?

Life With My Joys..... said...

haha. hoping to get there in a couple of days for a massive "drops" harvest. we share kitchen and laundry..playroom and can be in each others bedrooms invite only. we each have our own fridge, stove, and dishwasher. it's like a commercial kitchen..

Rachael said...

Love you. And miss you. Let me know when you're (mostly) settled and it's a good time to visit. Been too long...