Wee Beginnings.

With the crazy of Christmas finally starting to die down just a bit, with the tree back outside ready to be christened into a bonfire, and with the gifts all happily finding new homes in all of their respective places ~ this is the time where I always tend to see things through fresh eyes.  Now is when I get inspired to make things feel just a little bit new and different around here.

The house feels more empty and more streamlined, the decorations are all tucked away again, and with the freshly fallen snow and winter finally and fully - really and truly- upon us...this is the time that I always like to try and make HOME feel just a little more cozy for the upcoming long winter's run that we're in for until March, anyway...

And now that I am settled nicely into the second half of my pregnancy...well, things have begun changing even more around this here house.  For one thing...there's a new little picture sitting above our fireplace mantle.

And as far as nurseries go, at least for the first little while, London will be rooming upstairs with Mommy and Daddy.  I always keep my babies by my bedside in a little Moses basket for the first few weeks, anyway.  But, this time around ~ there were no spare rooms in the Inn...so we shall be sharing our space together for a little bit longer.

Eventually, I plan to move all three Hoolies upstairs and just give them that entire space to themselves.  It's a wide open loft space, essentially ~ with plenty of room for three little boys and all of their treasures, complete with their very own bathroom and two, deep walk-in closets.  That's always been my "down the road" dream ~ once Ransom's schedule is more on the same track with the older two.  Right now, he still takes a marathon nap every afternoon and he usually sleeps at least an hour later in the morning.  I'm not ready to sacrifice those things, just yet.  But, in time, I envision bunk beds and forts...and maybe even a swing up there.

And, so - just as there would be plenty of room for three little boys ~ there is more than enough room for a Mama and Daddy and a wee little girl.  There's a tiny little "nook" at the top of our stairs, that now will belong to her...at least for the time being.
Please excuse the Jeep pack'n'play...
I am just in the beginning stages of gathering.

Since our first two were "surprises," and we didn't find out what we were having, I have quite a few things that are "uni" ~ including a couple of sweet little blankets that easily have enough "feminine" colors in them to pass my mother's test of being suitable for a little girl.
I plan to line the deacon's bench with a couple of baskets, and to use old crates and tins for storage.  I will take down Kev's and my initial's off of the corkboard, and use that to decorate with pictures and memories of family and special things.
And I'll fill baskets and old dresser drawers with all of the essentials that any new baby needs.
Cute expression.  Hoping it's not true with this one...
Baby steps, we are taking.
Testing the waters on this whole baby girl idea...and still trying to find out what exactly our "style" shall be.
I am so deeply entrenched in Little Boy World, that I am still wrapping my brain around this whole idea.

But, slowly...slowly....as my belly grows, and as my baby kicks....as her little space continues to morph with every passing day...and as we talk - my boys and I - about this new little life soon to join our family.... my heart is falling oh so deeply and oh so fast.

And the nesting begins...

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Kristi said...

I am still just beyond excited for you to have this little baby girl...she will be adored by all those big brothers, and no doubt spoiled and doted on!! I am so so thrilled for you guys! I can't wait to meet her!! and see the rest of you!! Much love to ya, dear friend...let's chat again soon!