Homemade Crack.

I was actually going to title this post:  "My Mama's Crack"....but then, I didn't think she'd overly appreciate that....on MANY levels, really.  So "Homemade Crack" it shall stay.  I think that the honest-to-goodness name of this recipe of delish is "Toffee Crunch."  But, really - how boring is that?

And when you try this stuff...you'll see why I've aptly named it Crack.
Not that I have any experience with the real stuff....I just can't keep my hands off of this stuff.

We, are, honestly - pretty healthy eaters around these here parts.  Kevy's belly can't take anything that's not pretty seriously clean eating...and I don't love to have my boys any more ramped up than they normally already are...but we've had company with us over the weekend, and you have to give your company some tasty treats...and this is so stinkin' easy....and so super cheap to make....and I had so many leftover Saltine Crackers from when the flu came to live with us for that week.....

I just had to make some.
That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.
Do you want it?  You know you do...

So, without further ado, my wee hoolies and I will give you a play by play pictorial tutorial...
Here's all that you need for a single batch:
(I may or may not have made two batches...one with dark chocolate and one with milk...but, I can't really remember....)

 Okay.  Here's the part that your littlest hoolies can help with....assuming, you're in the stage with many small hands who like to "help."  Take two inner packages of saltine crackers and on two foil lined cookie sheets, line them up side by side - and if possible, with no spaces in between.
If you have a larger Hoolie, of sorts, he can man the stove.
In a medium sized saucepan melt:
1 cup real butter
1 cup light brown sugar.
Bring to a boil and stir (constantly) for three minutes after it's come to that full, rolling boil.
(Start timing after it comes to the boil).

Next: And this is the part where I take over....
pour that mixture over the tops of all of your crackers, and spread to completely cover.
Spread as quickly as possible, as it starts to thicken almost like a toffee...
Hence, the more appropriate name that my oh so wholesome and proper Mama gave to them.
Now, place these babies into a pre-heated 375 degree oven and cook for five minutes.
Watch closely - they can burn pretty easily.
Whilst you wait....feel free to lick out the leftover goodness in the saucepan...
When the crackers are done, you want them to come out all bubbly like this:
And for your final step - and here's where the Hoolies can come back into play - except you won't have as many chocolate chips for your topping, probably.....  Sprinkle 1 12 oz. bag of either semi-sweet or milk chocolate (or a combo of both, perhaps) chips over your toffee.
 Once again, spread to cover.
 And if you want to be fancy, sprinkle a few crushed cracker crumbs over the top of the melted chocolate, just to make it festive.  Or, my Mama oftentimes will sprinkle slivered almonds over the top of the chocolate before it hardens.  I, however, believe that nuts are from the Devil, so I'm just as happy with the crushed crackers.
Set the pans either in your fridge - or outside on your porch - to harden.
Try not to allow your Demon kitty to slip outside when the door is open.
If she does, make sure she gets no samples...
When your toffee is sufficiently hardened, break it up into fun-sized chunks and layer into whatever containers you have.  Keep stored in the fridge so that it maintains it's crunchy/toffee consistency.

Oh - and don't forget to share...
 Pour yourself a pint of milk, pull up a chair, and have yourself just one piece...if you can....
And for a wee little sidenote....

Sometimes, I do a batch and a half of the butter and brown sugar.  This makes for a thicker toffee bottom - which I actually like better.  Go big or go home, right?  However, if you do this - you will want to cook it in the oven for just a few minutes longer...otherwise it won't really crisp up - even after it's hardened.  Either way, though, it will still taste amazing.

I promise you that.
Again....I'm sorry, and you're welcome!

Happy Hump Day!


Angie said...

I actually made this same recipe right before Christmas and thought it would be a big hit...and it flopped in my house. :-/ I used semi-sweet chips would could have been part of the reason. Glad your household enjoyed them!! Looks like you have a busy week this week? Maybe I should call next week? Let me know!

Kristi said...

ohhh -- i love this stuff!!!!! thanks for the reminder of how YUMMY it is!!! mmmm!!!