Christmas in the County.

Oh, how I love it.
It's loud.  It's crazy.  It's crowded.  And it's full of family.
Just the way it should be.

And for me ~ the older I get ~ it is SO much more than the gifts.  In fact, I would be just as happy some year...or for all the years to come, for that matter... if we would just completely fore-go the gifts and instead do what we have always done best.

Hang out.
Make memories.
Gorge ourselves sick.
And just be together.
For me ~  THAT'S Christmas!

So, for the sake of recording my family's Christmas memories on this here blog journal of mine, I give you a little photo montage with Amy's List of Loves for this ~ 2012's Christmas in the County!

::  Tea parties with Grammy.  Complete with their very own appropriately sized mugs, their own little milk pitcher, and about fifteen treats to choose from.  Belly aches, free of charge.

 ::  Four-wheeling adventures involving a little bit of hunting, a little bit of getting stuck, a little bit of freezing, and a little bit of dragging each other behind on sleds...attempting to strike the fear of God into each other.

::  Escapades with Dad in ALL of his impy glory.  This man of full of it...and there are times where I think he lives to antagonize both his wife and my husband...and I cannot help myself but join in, at times.  Both Kev and Mom say that we can be a bit impossible when we are together for any amount of time.

I personally, find us both hilarious...

::  Hunting.  Always hunting.  And sometimes out our living room window.  Good gracious.  This week yielded two partridge and three squirrels.  And for the record...squirrel does not taste delish.  Kaden heard from someone that "there's nothing like eating squirrel," so the last one he shot we let him skin it and grill it...for all to try.

Let me just say, there are few other times where I have felt as "redneck" as I did when eatin' that thar squarral...
::  Seeing Grampy down on the floor with one of my babies....and being flooded with memories of way back when...of when he used to get down on the floor and play with my brothers and I when we were little.  Oh, melt my heart.  This moment was one of my absolute favorite during my time up home.  And, oh how Ransom loves his "Big Grampy."
::  Quiet, little moments away from the hubbub with each of my Littles.  Up home, they are often crazier than the norm.  Methinks, it's all of the "Grammy treats;" but they are also never happier than when they are up there.  Their little love tanks are filled up to the tippy top brim.  I can visibly see it, and I LOVE IT.  Oh, how I love it.
::  Playing, listening to, and singing old Christmas songs ~ either plinked around Gram's old piano or belting them out at the little country church where I grew up.  There's nothing like family and friends with whom we grew up, all being back together - now years older and with our own children - making new memories with our little families in that same old church building.
::  And every year....Dad reading the Christmas story in his mellow, monotone voice...with the kids squirming...and us "older kids" trying to pretend maturity....and mom getting antagonized....and Dad instigating....and all of the beautiful chaos that always tends to reign supreme.

::  Nighttime sliding with the hoolies in the field across the road.  And realizing that my body is not nearly as young - or as small - as it used to be.  And having the boys laugh hysterically at their Mama because of her mad skillz....or lack thereof.  And then going inside to warm up with hot tea and a Christmas movie.  Love.
:: This ever growing girth...and what it represents.  And knowing NEXT Christmas, this babe will be in arms.
::  Littlest brothers sneaking away with the bigger brother...and passing the time away by looking at books together.  Happily. Cozily.  And oh so kissing sweet.
  ::  And finally, this man - who willingly and knowingly - married into my crazy clan....who fully and freely embraces us in all of our glory..and who I would follow to the absolute ends of the Earth.

It was indeed, a very merry Christmas.
For our family, for our health, and for the gift of spending time together...
For love, for belonging, for knowing Jesus, for unconditional acceptance...
For my heritage, for my childhood, and for all of our memories made...

We are wealthy, indeed.
Exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond all that I could ever ask for or imagine...

Preach it, Mr. Grinch.
I could have said it no better myself.

#4184-#4206 ~ My Joy Journey
...So very grateful... giving thanks...not for the gifts that I want...but for the gifts I already have....

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Chantelle said...

Oh my heavenly grossness. You guys ATE a SQUIRREL!!?!?!?! I'm pretty sure that's a sin... (gonna go check).