These Fall Days.

Well, I guess it's official - Fall is in the air.  I do so LOVE this seasion, although I absolutely despise being cold.  So, as long as the sun is shining and the wind isn't whipping, I'm a happy lady. 

'Tis the season for all things pumpkin and bittersweet...
 'Tis also the season for all things Heater Hunting when it comes to Family Day.  My boys all have hunting on the BRAIN, so this little routine works for everyone.  I love driving around drinking coffee (and staying warm), they love the idea that they might get something, and we all love going on adventures.  It's win win.

This tradition was started when Ransom was first newborn.  We'd load everyone up in the car bright and early in the morning - all decked out in orange of course...well, except me.  I'm too vain - and we'd drive until we'd come to an old dirt road.

Then, we'd release the hoolies from their seatbelts.
Kaden and Jesse would get to ride up in the front seat, and I would hunker down in back with the baby.  We are in our third year of this now, and it's fun to see how Ransom gets just as much into it as the older boys.

 And it goes a little something like this.....
They all hang out the windows.
We tell them eight jillion times to quiet down or we'll NEVER see anything.
They remember this tidbit of knowledge for 1.2 billionth of a second.
We load up on snacks and treats.
And we reconcile ourselves to the fact that we probably will never get a blessed thing.
 And we sometimes release them to run wild....and to target practice on them.
Just kidding.
This past time, however, we did see three patridge, a snake, and three salamanders.  That's better than most times.  And last time we came home with a shattered windshield because Jesse was being so crazy he crashed his head into it.  Didn't hurt HIM in the least, although the car was decently damaged.  That was awesome.

Thus ended that heater hunting trip quite abruptly.
Just think of the memories they'll have for their own kids some day.
So special.
 Ahhh yes.  Sweet memories of Fall...

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